Thursday, April 27, 2017

Poker Tournament

I met a professor on my way to Singapore recently.  He is into gambling too.  He said gambling is a challenge for him to break the system.  Once he break the system, he will win a lot of money and he never lost a single cent in all his bets.  Gambling is the games for rich people according to my friend, Loong.  Of course, rich people have plenty of time, and they wish to justify their time with the efforts which they have used in games.  Poker Tournament is coming and I am wondering who is going to join the party.  I will go for sure if my schedule is allowed.  Looking forward your present in the Poker Tournament in SkyCasino at Resort World Genting.

Watch up!  Highest intelligent people will bet because they have the sure win concept always.  Are you one?    

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