Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gain Trust

When you want to become a leader, you must give the best information to your followers.  Do not give the wrong information else you will not be able to gain trust from your followers and one day, you will be alone.  Whenever you get the information, you always can quote the references of the information, so that you are safe to broadcast the information since you are getting from a social media, a newspaper, a magazine or a trustworthy leaders in the world through TV or Radio.  The timing of the released information is important too since you are well aware that information might be out dated.  We wish to get the latest information with the latest time.

Let's be a leader by broadcasting reliable information to gain trust!    

Also, trust is very important in any relationship.  No matter it is a friendship, boy-girl relationship, business partnership, husband and wife, parents and children, among siblings and many other relationship, we must trust each other and not thinking of any betraying or cheating among each other.  If you are trustworthy, you are able to gain trust and be a good leader as well!  As I have mentioned in my earlier blog posts, leader could be a father or a father and many other position in any organization and companies.      

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