Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Boy-Girl relationship!

Boy-Girl relationship!  To my future dearest boy friend cum husband, don't be jealous!

Dr. Jonathan Maier and I have a very pure and innocent online boy-girl relationship.  Of course, I have given him a lot of virtual kisses and hugs.  I am a very normal human being and I did flirt online.  If one day, I am married, I will be always flirting to my husband and I have fun on it when he respond to me with various of expression.  I will ONLY flirt to my husband one day if I am married and doing the online flirting only to others.  It does not mean that I am eager to have a kiss or any sex with him if I flirt online to one man.  

I only have one recognized boy-girl relationship in my life so far and that is an online one because it is a long distance relationship; Malaysia-United States of America.  My ex-boy friend is Jonathan Maier.  Besides, I have two really short face-to-face boy-girl relationship with no physical contact at all or only hold hand once.  I did not know what type of men whom I am looking for as my boy friend who will lead to a marriage so I just accept any proposal from men whom I have met.  They are Ir. Gan Chun Chet and Loong Jay Jee.  Those really short time that we were together and we found out that we were not matching.  Loong Jay Jee is a graduate from United World College in Singapore and was in Miami, Florida, United States of America for degree study.  He is really a good man by only holding my hand once in the total relationship experience.  It was a long distance relationship.  He was working in Johor Bharu, Johor and I am located in Kelana Jaya.  He did visit me once in Kuala Lumpur and both of us spend a night in a mix dorm which is located in Kuala Lumpur.  I was about going to bath at that time and I hold my lingerie on hand.  He felt curious to check on my lingerie and he knew that they are from Triumph brand.          
Since all these two relationship are really short with only one or two meetings before they end, I do not categorized that I have recognized boy-girl relationship with them since we never spend enough time to know each other.

Of course, I met some other men and I did propose my willingness to start a boy-girl relationship with them while they rejected me because they know well that we are not compatible and they are looking for some other type of girls with their sharp eyes.

Along my life journey until now, I also rejected a lot of men who have proposed their willingness to start a boy-girl relationship with me.  I know that we are not compatible or I am looking for some other type of men.  Also, I do not know them well yet while they were proposing so, I reject it.  One of the men is Samuel Tay.  He is an Oxford graduate.  He met me at the first time in the conference and he was asking me to become his girl friend.  I was so shout and I did not know what to response at that time.  After a few SMS, I did not continuously response to him because I was too busy at that time while it was really my first time knowing what is love at first sight.  I am sure I missed a good man, Samuel Tay.  He used to be an employee with Khazanah Nasional, an investment company.        
I never feel sad at all in all these mentioned so called my past boy-girl relationship because I do not LOVE them and never spend a lot of efforts on them.  They are just come and go!

I flirt online and virtually to all range of people who are messaging me with identity or anonymously.
Just for fun and it is a type of communication style!

My way of flirting is just like virtual kisses.  For example, "Baby!  Give me a kiss!  Muak!" or many others.  

Dear my future husband, don't be jealous if one day you have the access to my online conversation with others men.  I never have so many relationship while I am only flirting online to those identical or knowing anonymously.  It could be a Dato', a Tan Sri, or Sultan who is free to chat with me anonymously by flirting and talking nonsense.  I used to talk to all these people because we are very free.  I used to do a lot of running and a lot of volunteering works because I was very free.  Now, I am resting and I say it is enough to volunteering works and lesser my running profile records.      

I want to use my time to know more people at this moment since I am mid of waiting for some big projects.  I want to know what are their dreams and let me see how can I help them to achieve their dreams by giving my advice.  Of course, I want to spend more time to my man if there is any.  Also, I want to spend my time to know more about my family members, relatives and friends.  I used to be very busy and I hardly have time to know more about them.  Our conversation are mostly less than 50 lines.

At the same time, I am working on www.solemmi.com.  The one line objective of www.solemmi.com is the lucky draw web portal to let the winners travel to worldwide countries for free.  I am the founder and CEO of www.solemmi.com.  Hope that this will lead me a billion dollar income journey with ACCEL.  I am going to be a billionaire soon.

I never lie and all these are true!  Of course, only recognized boy-girl relationship will be mentioned.  I have a lot of friendship.  Is friendship leading to kisses?  Yes!  Due to my friendliness, it leads to forced kissing because they do not ask me first to start a boy-girl relationship and they are more on action while I rejected to continue the kissing when they forced kisses me because I do not expect to have such relationship like them.  It should be continuously knowing each other and what I have just said in my previous blog post that I want a step-by-step boy-girl relationship.  

The forced kissing on me are done by three people.  One is Kolej Tunku Jaafar (KTJ) drop-out.  One was National University Singapore (NUS) Ph.D graduate, a Singaporean and lastly a top-10 Chinese Traditional Medical Doctor in Malaysia.  It is the knowledge of biology that lips and my body are the combination of cells which called skin.  Cells will die and cells will grow again within 30 days after the cells die.  I am clean because the old cells which kissed by them are dead now since those were years ago.  And, the new cells are rejuvenated for more than 100,000 times now.  I am definitely clean no matter it is on my lips or on my body.
I do not feel sad because my knowledge in biology is very strong and extremely good and also I do not LOVE AND LIKE them at all.  After my rejection on all those kisses, they never contact me until now.  I believe they were ONLY seeking for fun SEX, thus, they never contacted me.  I am consider them as bad guys since they never ask and just forced kissed me while I do not like and enjoy what they have done on me at all.  I consider them as good guys with my more understanding about personal ability and human behaviour knowledge as well as their learning of starting a boy-girl relationship, when I said, NO repeatedly, they stopped.  In conclusion, these 3 men are BAD because they are seeking for fun sex with no pre-discussed engagement and responsibilities between me and them!  According to my friend, Adeline Jenkins, they have talked about marriage and engagement before they have pre-marital sex in a boy-girl relationship.  Those were never my faults because I was wearing jeans and T-shirt with no seducing acts to them.  They came to me with bad intention.

"There were not miscommunications, in fact, there were communications broke down due to public perception and people perceive situation differently." ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin  

You can ask all these people, did they break my virginity?  The answers are "NO" because we never have sex.  I am still a virgin now.  37 years old girl, Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong is still a virgin now.  A lot of my friends said that virginity is not important at all because of the cell rejuvenation concept and theory meaning old cells will die and new cells will grow.  You just need to have a period of time when you have the next sex with different partners, preferably a gap of 30 days.  Of course, the measurement of commitments and promises ensure that a couple will have only one sex partner.

Looking forward to meet a man who only wish to have one sex partner who is me and he would be my husband soon.  I am not against other people who have multiple sex partners while they must be aware of AIDS if they do not have at least 30 days of gap to move on to the next partner.  Personally, I will only want one sex partner and hopefully he is the forever one and the only one in my life!        

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