Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Asian Education about Relationship

It is known that majority of Asian do not applied sex before marriage because Asian are very respectful and innocent about relationship and when they like you, they will straight away let you know that they like you.  Majority of the parents do not talk about what should you do and shouldn't do when you are in a relationship.  You will meet the majority good men whom I have claimed it so since they are practicing no kissing, no touching and no sex before marriage in Asia.  I am very sure.  The Asian especially Malaysian will not have the education about sex and kissing since all these are banned in the TV's and videos in Malaysia media.  If you are not lucky, you will meet those who are really keen into sex before marriage or they have claimed that these are the practice in overseas which is partially true while it is not 100% of American or British will apply sex before marriage.  I have overseas friends (westerners) who are acting as such while majority are practicing no sex before marriage and they are Christian!!

If you can afford it, when you are having trips together to overseas, please book separate rooms, so that you and your boy friend will be sleeping in a separate rooms to avoid the excuses of being arouse of the urge of having sex when you are both in the same rooms.  If you are rich while you are the thrifty type, then, it is fine to share a room while you have to ensure that no sex in the room by informing your boy friend when check-in.  My parents do not teach me all these while it is the way how I teach my students and single friends to avoid any rumors or back talking about you for being sharing so many rooms with men if you have more than one relationship in your life.

Be smart!          

Asian Chinese are normally thrifty because they are practicing good values from the ancestors.  In Chinese saying, 节俭是美德!  I used to be a very thrifty woman by having my MMU salary, Telekom shares and some part-time works' pay to own 3 properties at one time.  Soon, I learned to be observing the value of quality about certain goods or items versus the value of money which it worth.  I started to buy Burberry handbags, Titus watches, Margaret Howell dresses, Kate Spade necklace, etc. and soon, I will buy an LV handbag, a Rolex watch and many more.  It is the values of my appreciation of the intensive research and unique design about the goods which will lead me to spend my money in a more meaningful ways and getting more comfortable because these big brand applied Ergonomic knowledge in their designs to ensure your comfort with those goods besides beauty.  You always can wait until big sales to get all those items.


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