Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Are you good in History?

I am asking this question to all Malaysian students who have studied History subject in High School.  If you are good in History subject, then, you will know the mission of UMNO, MCA and MIC.  In the 50's, Malaya welcome Chinese from China and Indian from India.  Malay are the original folks in Malaya and rich people are not seen in Malaya.  A lot of western foreigners come to Malaya and the name of Malaya changed to Malaysia.  UMNO, MCA and MIC have the common goals.  They wishes to bring wealth and the skill of living to the citizens because majority of the Malaysian are very poor in the 50's.  Thank you to United Kingdom and many other countries to lead Malaysia to be a very independent country and eliminate all poor people in Malaysia by giving suitable jobs and skill training to them.  Direct Selling distributors and Insurance agents in the 50's are those selected group to be trained towards wealth.  Of course, there are other skills.  In Malaysia, we always help the poor to have a better life.

My grandparents are from China.  When they come to Malaya in the 50's, they are very poor.  In Malaya, they are trained to become the tobacco leaves planters for Dunhill.  Slowly and sooner, they own their own lands and start to plan rice/ padi because the supply of the tobacco leaves become less and the demand of rice/ padi are there.  My parents helped their parents in farming when they are a child.  They needed to work in the farm after school and cycled 5 miles to the school for studying.  Due to the innocent of Asian behaviour with no knowledge of birth control, my grandparents have 8 children for my father side and 11 children from my mother side.  My grandparents' income is not enough to support so many children to study in school since education is not free in the 50's and buying 8 bicycles are already costly at that time.  Due to the concern of not going to burden my grandparents from my parents' thinking, they chose to stop their study at very early age and they started to go to Kuala Lumpur to work.  They worked only for a few years and later, they chose to go back to farming again for more freedom to be their own boss and enough of scolding from the bosses since at the 50's, the bosses are not trained in well communication and express themselves in more effective ways rather than just scolding with no sense of taking care of other employees' feeling.                  
My father opened for more option in looking for income.  Besides of farming, he was ventured into direct selling, i.e. AMWAY and insurance selling which is Great Eastern now the company is called.  My father worked very hard to give the best education environment to my siblings and I by sending my siblings and I to the regional best schools for studying.  My two brothers, my youngest sister and me were sent to a distant school for studying.  We were away from home for studying since 12 years old.  Thus, we are very independent and focus in our studies.  MCA and related societies gave a lot of chances to my father to grow since he was a very talented and focusing youth.  My father only has primary school level standard.  He is well verse in Malay language and extremely good in Chinese language writing, speaking and reading.  Of course, we speak Cantonese too.  He is a leader!  He is granted a title from the Sultan Perak in year 2005 as the Ahli Mahkota Perak (AMP) when he was the Chairman of MCA Pasir Salak chapter one time.  MCA is doing extremely good job in helping the poor to become rich.  We are consider rich in Malaysia because we are not worried about our daily food with good jobs security ahead or now.  My father was very poor when he was a child.  When he grow elder, he joined a lot of MCA related societies and clubs for a lot of training.  Now, we are rich in Malaysia.  We are not super rich while we have the values as Malaysian.  Hopefully, our generation will be richer than my father's generation.  Hope that all my family members and relatives can become millionaires and billionaires with the advancement of technology and our hard works.

I am closely to be a millionaire when I leave my job from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya with the security of 3 real estate properties in Kelana Jaya, Cyberjaya and Kampar.  I have chances to traveled around the world in 365 days within 10 years.  I have been to Europe, America, Middle East and many countries in Asia which is including China and India.  Of course, I have been to Sri Lanka and the country is another fast growing country in Asia with a lot of talents just like China and India.

I met a lot of people during my traveling trips and I hope that they can visit Malaysia one day.

Welcome to Malaysia!

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