Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gain Trust

When you want to become a leader, you must give the best information to your followers.  Do not give the wrong information else you will not be able to gain trust from your followers and one day, you will be alone.  Whenever you get the information, you always can quote the references of the information, so that you are safe to broadcast the information since you are getting from a social media, a newspaper, a magazine or a trustworthy leaders in the world through TV or Radio.  The timing of the released information is important too since you are well aware that information might be out dated.  We wish to get the latest information with the latest time.

Let's be a leader by broadcasting reliable information to gain trust!    

Also, trust is very important in any relationship.  No matter it is a friendship, boy-girl relationship, business partnership, husband and wife, parents and children, among siblings and many other relationship, we must trust each other and not thinking of any betraying or cheating among each other.  If you are trustworthy, you are able to gain trust and be a good leader as well!  As I have mentioned in my earlier blog posts, leader could be a father or a father and many other position in any organization and companies.      

William Heinecke

Willian Heinecke is a United Kingdom citizen who is based in Thailand and being listed as one of the billionaires in the world.  When I read his profile in Forbes, it said so.  When I read his wikipedia write-up, it show the information of he is an American born Thai businessman.

In this writing, I am going to tell you that how are the market categorize you as a billionaire.  We use William Heinecke as the example.  He has so many hotels and Food shops as well as many sport cars.  The measurement of his total net worth is base on all these real estates properties and food shops as well as his sport cars.  He is being categorized as the worldwide billionaire rank number 1376 and Bill Gates is a billionaire rank number 1 in the world.    

Dare to dream and work hard!  Be a billionaire one day!

Poker Tournament

I met a professor on my way to Singapore recently.  He is into gambling too.  He said gambling is a challenge for him to break the system.  Once he break the system, he will win a lot of money and he never lost a single cent in all his bets.  Gambling is the games for rich people according to my friend, Loong.  Of course, rich people have plenty of time, and they wish to justify their time with the efforts which they have used in games.  Poker Tournament is coming and I am wondering who is going to join the party.  I will go for sure if my schedule is allowed.  Looking forward your present in the Poker Tournament in SkyCasino at Resort World Genting.

Watch up!  Highest intelligent people will bet because they have the sure win concept always.  Are you one?    


A lot of time, you will have the misconception or you are not happy with certain information because the information come in a few junks while not in a full story.  When you are saying that she is naked on my bed meaning she is not wearing any piece of clothes or hiding any important parts of her body on your bed.  If she is wearing something, you can not say that she is naked.  Thus, do not mislead people to have a misconception about your girl friend being so seductive and attractive on bed.  Soon, other men will come and grab her because rich men like seductive and attractive women on bed.  News will travel far since the social media is so advance now with minimum of 3 trillion of internet users in the world now out of the total more than 7 trillion global citizen in the world.

Imagine I am earning USD 1 cent from each internet user for reading my blog posts after I distribute to them, I am going to be a billionaire just by blogging.  Of course, writing blog posts and books is my hobby.  I know how to earn money by writing and publishing my books and sell them in  I am wondering how can I collect the money from my blog readers.  Is there a payment or money collecting system or website for me to register my blog to earn a living.  It is definitely a good idea and it is a million dollar or billion dollar business model.  I am looking forward any co-founder in this matter.  In this business model, I aim to reach out almost 4 trillion internet users in the world to read blog posts and helping bloggers to earn a living if their readers give them a thumb up.  A thumb up means USD 1 cent.  Of course, being a referrer you will earn more, maybe USD 2 cents.  This is another business model on how to reach my blog objective and the magazine, Malaysian Footprint Magazine.        

I hope you will continue to support my blog and let your friends know about me.  I have the motivation to start a magazine which is Malaysian Footprint Magazine.  Of course, the objective of the magazine is really clear.  I have stated that in my blog introduction in my front page.  Let me recap.

My blog and the initiated magazine aim to change the world for a better place to live through my stories.  I hopes my readers evolve their mindset to a globally thinker and not only following others without thinking. "See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow (S.T.E.F.)!” Also, I would like to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, the intelligence and the ordinary, the masters and the slaves, the local graduates and the oversea graduates, the easterners and the westerners, the IT-savvy and non-IT savvy individuals.  All these mentioned are the scope of my magazine, Malaysian Footprint Magazine.  

The differences between Casual Relationship (Western thinking) and Committed Relationship (Eastern thinking)

I think I should not categorize as eastern and western thinking relationship and I should categorize them as Casual Relationship and Committed Relationship.

As I have mentioned in my blog posts earlier, my good friend in America, Adeline Jenkins has a Committed Relationship with sex since they are planning to get married if there were no other accident cases happen in their life.  All their friends around them know that they are a couple.  Their parents agree on their relationship and this is how a committed relationship is.  People in the west have really good communication skill, they will talk about their intimate border lines or the ways how they are going to have sex.  Perhaps they will talk about the position of sex, the frequency of sex and the ways how should they live together as a couple and ensure that all people around them will know about their relationship.  They will plan to have children in future after they got married.  

Casual Relationship will not lead to a marriage.  It is something like you are going to a pub or a disco to know a pretty girl and you are naughty to initiate sex in your place or her place.  No one will know about your relationship or we can categorize it as one night stand.  Of course, some couples are started from a Casual Relationship while DO NOT TAKE RISK.

Always know about a man or a woman by dating her to some good restaurants or having fast food; dating her or him to hypermarkets to buy some vegetables and meats so that you can do some cooking together.  Having some activities together like swimming, tennis, badminton, traveling to some overseas tourists destination or some short driving trips.  Watching movies together and do some debate and discussion about the quality of the content of the movies or the production of the movies.  Attend some concerts and etc.  The introducing of their parents to know each other and having regular dinners and vacation together.  All these activities you must be done before you commit to a Committed Relationship and you wish to choose to say yes for his request of sex if you are comfortable with him and you are thinking of he is your good husband and companion for life.  Of course, before you choose to have sex in a relationship, you must discuss about the number of children and when are you going to have children and your financial status just in case that you are pregnant coincidentally.  Of course, you can do all these mentioned activities above with your boy friend or girl friend while you are not involve in any sexual activities or sex.    

I am not asking you to have sex with your boy friend, however, I am here to tell you about the perception of east and west while they are not what you have thoughts in general.  It should be Casual Relationship and Committed Relationship.  A lot of western people are committed to a relationship means once they have sex, they announced to the world that they are committed and they bring the girl or boy into their daily life.              

Of course, Asian are very different.  Our thinking is like once my hands are hold, I am announcing to the world that I am going to get married while in fact, the relationship is just started.  There are many cases about Asian women.  Asian women will feel angry or shy about the poor communication skill which the Asian men is having all the time.  The Asian men will not talk to the women about the borderlines which they are going to have and most of them will not have sex because pre-marital sex is not a common topic in Asia.  The ways how the Asian men scared the Asian women off is that the men are trying to touch or grab the women's breasts or buttocks without asking.  The Asian men are also trying to take off the Asian women's clothes without asking.  After they had all those mentioned or either one, they will categorize men as BAD.  The Asian women will not get into any relationship again unless they really meet the VERY GOOD MAN with perfect communication skill.  Trying to kiss an Asian woman without asking will end a relationship as well in Asia.  Watch up if you are dating an Asian woman!

Take it slow and ask before you act!  Do not walk away when the Asian Women rejected to have sex with you.  You should continue to date her with fully understanding of she is not into pre-marital sex and try to use other methods to know her better instead of sex because in a marriage SEX is not all unless you are into Casual Relationship which you are being categorized as a BAD MAN Asia.

Of course, some exceptions are there while DO NOT TAKE RISK.
Western people have a lot of exposure due to their movies are freely distributed without screening by the government.  Thus, they have a lot of sex videos and they are educated in such a way that a relationship must be growing as such.  How?  When I am free, I will write more.

Watch up my book, "The Lamborghini".      

How to ask questions?

When you read this article, ensure that you finish the whole article.  Do not stop half way and run!  This is extremely important.

Book Title: "How to ask questions?"

"How to ask questions?" is a bible to ensure that you will have an easy life no matter where you go.  I will talk about how to ask questions in lifestyle, relationship, traveling, during school days or lecture times, during summer holiday activities, during daily life, when you are on job and etc.    

When you hear about a message such as he sucked on my breast, what should you ask to verify and identify who is right and who is wrong.  This is to justify who should go to the jail for sexual harassment.  Of course, you might say that you are not a judge, thus, you need not to know who is right and who is wrong, you just don't care about other people's activities and daily life since you have busy working schedules and lifestyle.  You are right to say so while when you are free, let's read my books to ensure that innocent people or those victims will have good life and far away from prejudice.

In general, we are going to ask about the questions from left to right; top to bottom.  It means we have two objects here. We are going to ask all questions about the woman first and then, we move on the questions about the man.

List of questions you may ask are as following:

1.  Was the woman seducing the man with sexy clothes?  If yes, what are those action and conversation or speech they had before they had the so called romance if both agreed on the sucking?
2.  Was the woman volunteerly naked at the time the man suck the woman's breast?
3.  Was the man taking the initiative to take off the woman's clothes in a very fast way without the woman's permission and at the same time, his mouth was moving to her breast and sucked it?
4.  Was the man trying to suck the woman's breast to initiate sexual activities as he said sex should be define in such way?
5.  Was the woman volunteerly taking off her pants to let the man penetrating her vagina?
6.  Was the woman wearing sexy lingerie to seduce the man to have sex with her?  Sex is defined as the penetrating the penis into the vagina.
7.  Is the woman going to win the trial?  If yes, how?  If the woman win the trial, the man will go to the jail meaning the man was conducting sexual harassment on the woman while the woman had no clue about the law or how to protect herself.  Or, the woman do not know what should a new couple do since Asian parents do not teach their children about relationship knowledge and do's as well as don't.
8.  Is the man going to win the trial?  If yes, how?  If the man win the trial meaning the woman is sexually seducing the man to conduct the intimate action, the trial on the sexual harassment from a man on a woman will not be a case.  The woman purposely seduce the man to initiate the sexual activities or sex.  They could be a lovely couple with romance if the man agree to have such woman in action.  
9.  After a nonsense sucked on your breast(s), you can clean it with soap, scrub or even you can put a mask on your breast(s), so that the skin rejuvenation will take place meaning the new skin cells are growing and the old skin cells will die and go away during your cleaning time everyday.  Don't worry!  You need not to cry because definitely it was not your mistakes due to your innocent mind and curiosity.  It is a process of growing up.  You just had bad luck to meet such bad guy(s)!  Remember, not all men all bad.  Do not say that you are not going to get married because men are bad after you had experienced such case.      

Of course, the topic of how to ask questions will involve critical thinking skill.  Revise the methods of critical thinking skill and we can discuss further.      

To be continued, my book, "How to ask questions?"

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Be responsible! It is important!

When you decide to work on something or you decide to engage into a relationship, be responsible and knowing how, why, when, which and what should you work on that and take good care of any consequences which you have to meet them.  For example, you have decided to have sex before a marriage, then, you must be responsible if one day your girl friend is pregnant.  Also, if you are into gambling, you must know how to adjust and manage your wealth status which you have gained from gambling.

"See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow!" ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin

Do not follow other people or friends blindly when you never go through any deep thinking of about what, how, why, which and when does the new ideas coming into you.  After you reach the enlighten stage, then, you follow.  Be responsible on what you have done or follow if anything go wrong, you must seek help from the people around you to solve it or you solve it yourself.

Do not condemn or talk bad about one when you follow wrongly.

Be responsible!  It is important!

Be a good leader!  Do not give the wrong following ideas to your followers or fans.           

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Amway Distributor or any direct selling business

Dear all direct selling individual business owners,

                   I hope that my rejection to you on my decision for not joining you is not a hardship for you while I am still supporting your inspiration to become wealthy through direct selling individual business model.  Only that I have my own thinking and my planning such as my venture into  You might think that my idea is crazy and not making sense to you while you must always be reminded that be respectful to other people's decision, ideas and opinions.  Of course, we can debate on the topic while I choose not to due to a lot of good ventures for me ahead.  I paid less than RM 100 to be a Amway direct selling member as I told you that I need to buy supplements with discounts.  My support to those who have decided to be the direct selling individual business owners is that you are earning cents like Tesco for each of the products in the selling list.  I hope that one day, you will have your poll of customers and you are building the group of working team members and aiming to become a "Tesco" owner one day.  Keep it up if you are already in the team and enjoy what you are doing.  In Monash, my teaching colleague is a part-time Amway distributor and he is enjoying the people who have met so far and he told me that he learn a lot of new things, hopefully, a day he will achieve financial independent.

Chu Tzu Ming voiced up about his sharing on his business goals to direct selling distributors.  We all aim to work and contribute our best to the world.  

Best wishes,
Ms. Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong           

Hui Shin! Such a common name!

My name is Wong Hui Shin.  My friends call me Hui Shin.  And, mostly of my students call me Ms. Wong.  There is a Ang Hui Shin who is an insurance agent and Janice Ling Hui Shin who is a young talented golfer.  Majority of Janice's friends and family call her Janice.

I am sure there are more Hui Shin around the world.  When you are hearing some good news about Hui Shin, be sure that she is Wong Hui Shin, i.e. me.

Janice and I are golfers while she is a champion in gold with metals, I am only a casual golf player.  My golfing buddy are my primary school teacher, Poon, Kenneth Soh from Luan Heng F&B and their friends.  Kenneth is my primary school teacher's close friend.  The last trip when I play golf, it was at the KLGCC which I was with a group of students from Shah Alam.  Their parents are the key persons in the army.           

What my father teach me when I was a child?

Even though my father is only have primary school education standard while along his career, he did joined a lot of youth activities promoted by MCA.  The two things I remembered my father taught me and giving me a very strong influential in my life are 1)  Ask without feeling shy; 2) Be good manner, must be official, must be honest, must have the feeling of being ashame if we make a mistake.  These two things are Chinese Proverb which is BU4 Che3 Xia4 Wen4 and Li3 Yi4 Lian2 Che2.  I will write them in Chinese words when I have the software to do so.  All these are good values of Asian Chinese.

I respect my father very much and he is definitely a good father since all my growing up experience indicated so.       

How do differentiate a good leadership?

A good leader is very informative and he or she is really helpful to his or her supporters or fans.  A lecturer is a leader of more than 250 students in a class because I am giving information and guide to all my students in a particular class.  A good leader will not jealous, however, they will continuously work hard to improve themselves, so that they are compatible to the trend or the latest technology.  United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia are the leaders for so many countries in the world.  They invested a huge money in research and helping cum bringing up the levels of the poor to be decent and rich as an individual and country.

Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), Boston, USA had a collaborative Master of Science programs with Malaysia University of Science and Technology as well as they offer their first class consultation and collaboration to Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, Shah Alam on Supply Change Degree Program.  The program will educate a group of degree graduates or experts to be more aware about the supply and demand knowledge and strategy in Malaysia.  When you are getting ready to start a business, the supply and demand awareness of the business are really important.  The supply and demand will go through all your connection and must be identified that you are the demand is there before your venture to a successful business venture.  You must pay the consultation fees to the Supply and Demand experts from MIT or local trained graduates in order for you to ensure your successful in a business venture.  For example, if you want to become a real estate developer, you must know that the demand is there or your networks are able or afford to buy your developed property.  In order for you to know about this information, you must seek for consultation to investigate your networks by accessing their buying power and debts responsibilities.  Good leaders will apply "See, Think, Enlighten, then Follow!" while bad leaders will only follow blindly.  Bad leaders know about being a real estate property developer will earn a lot of money, thus, they do not investigates more and think after getting some opinions or feedback, they are just build tremendous property and ended up over supply with low demand mainly because they do not hire experts to work on the Supply and Demand or your business.               

Teaching Permit

I have been teaching in the university for more than 10 years now.  As a lecturer, we will have a teaching permit registered with Ministry of Higher Education in order for me to teach in the university.  The Ministry of Higher Education will do a full research and survey about an individual in order to grant him/ her a teaching permit.  He or she must have certain strength which is needed to work as a team in the university and work as a lecturer.  As a lecturer, we normally work as a team.  Within a lecture semester, we might have co-lecturers and a team of tutors to work on a teaching subject.

I just received my teaching permit yesterday from Ministry of Higher Education through Monash University since I have a contract teaching with them until this 27th May 2017.  My teaching permit validity is until year 2024.  With the teaching permit, I can teach in any universities in Malaysia.           


The products in the shop or retail outlets must be having the fair price to everybody.  You can not sell a product to rich people with higher price and selling the product to ordinary people with lower price while you may promote the products to the rich people so that they can buy more than one unit of the products.  The rich people can buy for their family members, relative and friends.  Be equal to everyone!  Apply equality!  Of course, you can have discount fair once a month to ensure that ordinary people can have at least one set of the product sold.

Only extremely good quality service and products are deserve to sell in a high price and all these extremely good quality service and products are well recognized.  Do not suddenly increase the fees of the service or the selling price of the products to rich people because you are going to lost a lot of business in future once the rich people find out that they are being cut throat.  Normally rich people are very influential and they are well connected to many people.  Once they say something bad about your service and the way how you treated them, you are finish.  Your business is not last forever and you are deserving to become poor.  Do not listen to bad leaders, listen to me!  Am I making sense?        

Innovation and trendy design!

Not long ago when I went for lunch, I met two Panasonic employees and we started the conversation.  They said, "In order to sustain a business in electronic manufacturing, the engineers should design the gadgets to end its lifespan within two years.  Same thing goes to any other business so that it can sustain long"  Of course, I disagree on what they have said, however, I did not response to them because I was having my lunch and I normally do not like to argue by having the mindset of respecting personal opinions and views.  To me, producing quality products are very important.  These products should be used and working forever.  The way how a business should sustain in the fast moving economy, it should promote innovation and trendy design.  It means the customers are attracted to your new products and willing to buy new one by appreciating their innovation and trendy design or new features.  Thus, research team is really important in manufacturing industry to ensure that you will produce tip-top quality products and at the same time you are able to sustain by producing innovation and trendy design products.  Of course, the jobs of the celebrities are important.  They are the people who are promoting the new products with innovation and trendy design.  We are promoting we will have the ability to own more than one set of the product and keeping it as collection if the old product still working well.  We also promote rich people will buy more while we are encounter the concept of each ordinary people while in the latest generation we will not have poor people anymore.  We have majority middle class or we call them as ordinary people.  If you are extraordinary, then, you will be super rich or rich.        

Innovation and trendy design business strategy applied to many other industry such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Fashion and Beauty,  Food and Beverage (F&B) and many others.

For example, Ted Baker, Louis Vuitton (LV), Burberry and many other designer brands choose the best materials for their fashion and ensure that all their products are extra ordinary and the outstanding from the ordinary fashion brands.  Their quality control is really tight and they will ensure you wear the comfort and proud of owning their products.

KDK fan is really good.  It is working well for more than 30 years.  Bravo, KDK fan inventors and engineers!

Small Investor, are you one?

There are many types of investors.  Today, I am going to talk about small investors like us to buy Telekom shares, Genting shares, GAMUDA shares and etc.  If you have extra money, you just need to go to Bursa Malaysia to look for registered shares brokers to buy your intended shares.  Wait for every year end, your shares will give dividend or we can call it as bonus to you if they earn money.  For example, you know that Genting Highland is doing very well.  Their hotel business is collecting half a million a day, then, you may decide to buy Genting shares to become one of the small investors in Genting Highland.  During the year end, it will announce their dividend or bonus to the share holders.  Telekom and Maxis shares will never go down as well.  The dividend or bonus can give you a living if you are thinking not to work any more.             

Australia and New Zealand!

The new generation of Australian and New Zealand people are the migrants from many western countries particularly United Kingdom (UK).  UK is a developed country and has more than 900 years of history while Malaysia is only less than 60 years of history.  Thus, UK people are really smart and intelligence since they are experience people.  In UK, you rarely see rapid development.  Thus, those who are ambitious migrate to Australia and New Zealand.  Those migrants are doing really well in Australia and New Zealand just like Chinese and Indian who have migrated from China and India to Malaya.  Before we have the name of Malaysia, it is named as Malaya.  Of course, Australia and New Zealand are one time prisoners' destination old days while we must be acting good to understand that after punishment of a serious offence, they are giving chances to have new life with their strong willingness to let go the repeating of the serious offence.  What is serious offence?  Do some research on it.  Those prisoners' next generation are innocent and good.  They understand their grandparents' or ancestors' faults and ensure that they will not do the offence and faults again.  In Australia and New Zealand, they have army and policemen.  These people have good next generation and they deserve to have new life.      

Australian and New Zealand people, welcome to Malaysia!  I know that you all are fun and interesting people because I met some in my life so far.

I do not have the chances to visit Australia and New Zealand yet while I am sure one day I have chances to go there.  Flights to both of the destination are really expensive and the flying period is long.  I hope that one day, I can attend a conference or having holidays in Australia or New Zealand.     

Boy-Girl relationship!

Boy-Girl relationship!  To my future dearest boy friend cum husband, don't be jealous!

Dr. Jonathan Maier and I have a very pure and innocent online boy-girl relationship.  Of course, I have given him a lot of virtual kisses and hugs.  I am a very normal human being and I did flirt online.  If one day, I am married, I will be always flirting to my husband and I have fun on it when he respond to me with various of expression.  I will ONLY flirt to my husband one day if I am married and doing the online flirting only to others.  It does not mean that I am eager to have a kiss or any sex with him if I flirt online to one man.  

I only have one recognized boy-girl relationship in my life so far and that is an online one because it is a long distance relationship; Malaysia-United States of America.  My ex-boy friend is Jonathan Maier.  Besides, I have two really short face-to-face boy-girl relationship with no physical contact at all or only hold hand once.  I did not know what type of men whom I am looking for as my boy friend who will lead to a marriage so I just accept any proposal from men whom I have met.  They are Ir. Gan Chun Chet and Loong Jay Jee.  Those really short time that we were together and we found out that we were not matching.  Loong Jay Jee is a graduate from United World College in Singapore and was in Miami, Florida, United States of America for degree study.  He is really a good man by only holding my hand once in the total relationship experience.  It was a long distance relationship.  He was working in Johor Bharu, Johor and I am located in Kelana Jaya.  He did visit me once in Kuala Lumpur and both of us spend a night in a mix dorm which is located in Kuala Lumpur.  I was about going to bath at that time and I hold my lingerie on hand.  He felt curious to check on my lingerie and he knew that they are from Triumph brand.          
Since all these two relationship are really short with only one or two meetings before they end, I do not categorized that I have recognized boy-girl relationship with them since we never spend enough time to know each other.

Of course, I met some other men and I did propose my willingness to start a boy-girl relationship with them while they rejected me because they know well that we are not compatible and they are looking for some other type of girls with their sharp eyes.

Along my life journey until now, I also rejected a lot of men who have proposed their willingness to start a boy-girl relationship with me.  I know that we are not compatible or I am looking for some other type of men.  Also, I do not know them well yet while they were proposing so, I reject it.  One of the men is Samuel Tay.  He is an Oxford graduate.  He met me at the first time in the conference and he was asking me to become his girl friend.  I was so shout and I did not know what to response at that time.  After a few SMS, I did not continuously response to him because I was too busy at that time while it was really my first time knowing what is love at first sight.  I am sure I missed a good man, Samuel Tay.  He used to be an employee with Khazanah Nasional, an investment company.        
I never feel sad at all in all these mentioned so called my past boy-girl relationship because I do not LOVE them and never spend a lot of efforts on them.  They are just come and go!

I flirt online and virtually to all range of people who are messaging me with identity or anonymously.
Just for fun and it is a type of communication style!

My way of flirting is just like virtual kisses.  For example, "Baby!  Give me a kiss!  Muak!" or many others.  

Dear my future husband, don't be jealous if one day you have the access to my online conversation with others men.  I never have so many relationship while I am only flirting online to those identical or knowing anonymously.  It could be a Dato', a Tan Sri, or Sultan who is free to chat with me anonymously by flirting and talking nonsense.  I used to talk to all these people because we are very free.  I used to do a lot of running and a lot of volunteering works because I was very free.  Now, I am resting and I say it is enough to volunteering works and lesser my running profile records.      

I want to use my time to know more people at this moment since I am mid of waiting for some big projects.  I want to know what are their dreams and let me see how can I help them to achieve their dreams by giving my advice.  Of course, I want to spend more time to my man if there is any.  Also, I want to spend my time to know more about my family members, relatives and friends.  I used to be very busy and I hardly have time to know more about them.  Our conversation are mostly less than 50 lines.

At the same time, I am working on  The one line objective of is the lucky draw web portal to let the winners travel to worldwide countries for free.  I am the founder and CEO of  Hope that this will lead me a billion dollar income journey with ACCEL.  I am going to be a billionaire soon.

I never lie and all these are true!  Of course, only recognized boy-girl relationship will be mentioned.  I have a lot of friendship.  Is friendship leading to kisses?  Yes!  Due to my friendliness, it leads to forced kissing because they do not ask me first to start a boy-girl relationship and they are more on action while I rejected to continue the kissing when they forced kisses me because I do not expect to have such relationship like them.  It should be continuously knowing each other and what I have just said in my previous blog post that I want a step-by-step boy-girl relationship.  

The forced kissing on me are done by three people.  One is Kolej Tunku Jaafar (KTJ) drop-out.  One was National University Singapore (NUS) Ph.D graduate, a Singaporean and lastly a top-10 Chinese Traditional Medical Doctor in Malaysia.  It is the knowledge of biology that lips and my body are the combination of cells which called skin.  Cells will die and cells will grow again within 30 days after the cells die.  I am clean because the old cells which kissed by them are dead now since those were years ago.  And, the new cells are rejuvenated for more than 100,000 times now.  I am definitely clean no matter it is on my lips or on my body.
I do not feel sad because my knowledge in biology is very strong and extremely good and also I do not LOVE AND LIKE them at all.  After my rejection on all those kisses, they never contact me until now.  I believe they were ONLY seeking for fun SEX, thus, they never contacted me.  I am consider them as bad guys since they never ask and just forced kissed me while I do not like and enjoy what they have done on me at all.  I consider them as good guys with my more understanding about personal ability and human behaviour knowledge as well as their learning of starting a boy-girl relationship, when I said, NO repeatedly, they stopped.  In conclusion, these 3 men are BAD because they are seeking for fun sex with no pre-discussed engagement and responsibilities between me and them!  According to my friend, Adeline Jenkins, they have talked about marriage and engagement before they have pre-marital sex in a boy-girl relationship.  Those were never my faults because I was wearing jeans and T-shirt with no seducing acts to them.  They came to me with bad intention.

"There were not miscommunications, in fact, there were communications broke down due to public perception and people perceive situation differently." ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin  

You can ask all these people, did they break my virginity?  The answers are "NO" because we never have sex.  I am still a virgin now.  37 years old girl, Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong is still a virgin now.  A lot of my friends said that virginity is not important at all because of the cell rejuvenation concept and theory meaning old cells will die and new cells will grow.  You just need to have a period of time when you have the next sex with different partners, preferably a gap of 30 days.  Of course, the measurement of commitments and promises ensure that a couple will have only one sex partner.

Looking forward to meet a man who only wish to have one sex partner who is me and he would be my husband soon.  I am not against other people who have multiple sex partners while they must be aware of AIDS if they do not have at least 30 days of gap to move on to the next partner.  Personally, I will only want one sex partner and hopefully he is the forever one and the only one in my life!        

Are you good in History?

I am asking this question to all Malaysian students who have studied History subject in High School.  If you are good in History subject, then, you will know the mission of UMNO, MCA and MIC.  In the 50's, Malaya welcome Chinese from China and Indian from India.  Malay are the original folks in Malaya and rich people are not seen in Malaya.  A lot of western foreigners come to Malaya and the name of Malaya changed to Malaysia.  UMNO, MCA and MIC have the common goals.  They wishes to bring wealth and the skill of living to the citizens because majority of the Malaysian are very poor in the 50's.  Thank you to United Kingdom and many other countries to lead Malaysia to be a very independent country and eliminate all poor people in Malaysia by giving suitable jobs and skill training to them.  Direct Selling distributors and Insurance agents in the 50's are those selected group to be trained towards wealth.  Of course, there are other skills.  In Malaysia, we always help the poor to have a better life.

My grandparents are from China.  When they come to Malaya in the 50's, they are very poor.  In Malaya, they are trained to become the tobacco leaves planters for Dunhill.  Slowly and sooner, they own their own lands and start to plan rice/ padi because the supply of the tobacco leaves become less and the demand of rice/ padi are there.  My parents helped their parents in farming when they are a child.  They needed to work in the farm after school and cycled 5 miles to the school for studying.  Due to the innocent of Asian behaviour with no knowledge of birth control, my grandparents have 8 children for my father side and 11 children from my mother side.  My grandparents' income is not enough to support so many children to study in school since education is not free in the 50's and buying 8 bicycles are already costly at that time.  Due to the concern of not going to burden my grandparents from my parents' thinking, they chose to stop their study at very early age and they started to go to Kuala Lumpur to work.  They worked only for a few years and later, they chose to go back to farming again for more freedom to be their own boss and enough of scolding from the bosses since at the 50's, the bosses are not trained in well communication and express themselves in more effective ways rather than just scolding with no sense of taking care of other employees' feeling.                  
My father opened for more option in looking for income.  Besides of farming, he was ventured into direct selling, i.e. AMWAY and insurance selling which is Great Eastern now the company is called.  My father worked very hard to give the best education environment to my siblings and I by sending my siblings and I to the regional best schools for studying.  My two brothers, my youngest sister and me were sent to a distant school for studying.  We were away from home for studying since 12 years old.  Thus, we are very independent and focus in our studies.  MCA and related societies gave a lot of chances to my father to grow since he was a very talented and focusing youth.  My father only has primary school level standard.  He is well verse in Malay language and extremely good in Chinese language writing, speaking and reading.  Of course, we speak Cantonese too.  He is a leader!  He is granted a title from the Sultan Perak in year 2005 as the Ahli Mahkota Perak (AMP) when he was the Chairman of MCA Pasir Salak chapter one time.  MCA is doing extremely good job in helping the poor to become rich.  We are consider rich in Malaysia because we are not worried about our daily food with good jobs security ahead or now.  My father was very poor when he was a child.  When he grow elder, he joined a lot of MCA related societies and clubs for a lot of training.  Now, we are rich in Malaysia.  We are not super rich while we have the values as Malaysian.  Hopefully, our generation will be richer than my father's generation.  Hope that all my family members and relatives can become millionaires and billionaires with the advancement of technology and our hard works.

I am closely to be a millionaire when I leave my job from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya with the security of 3 real estate properties in Kelana Jaya, Cyberjaya and Kampar.  I have chances to traveled around the world in 365 days within 10 years.  I have been to Europe, America, Middle East and many countries in Asia which is including China and India.  Of course, I have been to Sri Lanka and the country is another fast growing country in Asia with a lot of talents just like China and India.

I met a lot of people during my traveling trips and I hope that they can visit Malaysia one day.

Welcome to Malaysia!

When Everything at the First Time, It leads to Curiosity!

Asian are very obedient and curious.  When everything they never hear about it and everything they have experienced it at the first time, they will just follow and being an obedient.  If one day, you have met a more westernize and self-initiative girl friend, she started to kiss you and give you instruction on how to respond to kisses.  Slowly, you will follow the instruction because this is your first time and you are an obedient.  Then, she tried to take out your clothes and you allow so due to you do not know what to respond and curious to know more.  If you are a religious person, then, until a stage, you will shout a "STOP" to your girl friend for not to continue because you do not want to have sex before marriage!  I am sure only small portion of people in Asia will experience such and this is a good study for the nature of human beings.  Of course, there must be a Ph.D. study in Human Behaviour,  All these are stated research journals and it is very normal if you are as such in the situation which I have mentioned.  If the situation change to a man who have initiated that, majority of the Asian women will respond as such.  They do not know how to call for a STOP.  All right!

My good friend, Adeline Jenkins told me that she practice sex during her boy-girl relationship while their situation are some sorts like within a marriage just that they wish to know more about each other and taking time to accumulate wealth to have a grand wedding.  Their families know each others and they are not living together due to career barrier.  Adeline is an American and she is very confident that she will marry his boy friend while she decides to have sex with his boy friend.  

Read my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" to find out more about my traveling experience and open your horizon!  You can get a copy from             

When I meet Boris, straight away, I know he is the type of man whom I am looking for life partner.  When I watch the talking session video of Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong, the content of his talk amazed me and I have the same view with him.  At that moment, I have not meeting Boris and I fall on Justin due to his point of view on the worldwide economy towards Malaysia's growth.  I like a leader.  You must observe our conversation, I mean Boris and I.  The conversation is variety and interesting.  

Boris is not looking for a marriage because he wants single life!  Thus, I am still looking for a good and compatible man!  Who is the lucky guy?  

English Accent

I am Malaysian and not English or British.  I can speak in English Accent if I am consuming high carbohydrate and protein food for a period of time.  Now, I am trying to become a vegetarian.  My voice is very soft and Asian.  I was in Overseas for more than a year of duration, thus, I am picking up English Accent.  Do not shout at me to go back to England and you should say, "Welcome to Malaysia!"      

Of course, my quality control skill is a bit particular.  

Getting a complaint and continuously work on self-improvement!!

When you receive a complaint from your friends, your clients or any parties, you must accept it with open mind and keep on improving yourself by asking how should you improve and what should you improve on!  Hopefully, after a period of time, you will be a completely good and excellent buddy to work on what they have complaint about.  Do not feel offended because you must accept and understand that each of us will have different observation skill, opinion, family background and education background as well as the circle of friends to make you a person!!!

Keep in up if I did complaint about you or you may debate if you think that you are doing or working all right.  You are choose not to chance and insist that you are not wrong!  Everyone has a choice.  We learn to make the best decision in our life.     

Asian Education about Relationship

It is known that majority of Asian do not applied sex before marriage because Asian are very respectful and innocent about relationship and when they like you, they will straight away let you know that they like you.  Majority of the parents do not talk about what should you do and shouldn't do when you are in a relationship.  You will meet the majority good men whom I have claimed it so since they are practicing no kissing, no touching and no sex before marriage in Asia.  I am very sure.  The Asian especially Malaysian will not have the education about sex and kissing since all these are banned in the TV's and videos in Malaysia media.  If you are not lucky, you will meet those who are really keen into sex before marriage or they have claimed that these are the practice in overseas which is partially true while it is not 100% of American or British will apply sex before marriage.  I have overseas friends (westerners) who are acting as such while majority are practicing no sex before marriage and they are Christian!!

If you can afford it, when you are having trips together to overseas, please book separate rooms, so that you and your boy friend will be sleeping in a separate rooms to avoid the excuses of being arouse of the urge of having sex when you are both in the same rooms.  If you are rich while you are the thrifty type, then, it is fine to share a room while you have to ensure that no sex in the room by informing your boy friend when check-in.  My parents do not teach me all these while it is the way how I teach my students and single friends to avoid any rumors or back talking about you for being sharing so many rooms with men if you have more than one relationship in your life.

Be smart!          

Asian Chinese are normally thrifty because they are practicing good values from the ancestors.  In Chinese saying, 节俭是美德!  I used to be a very thrifty woman by having my MMU salary, Telekom shares and some part-time works' pay to own 3 properties at one time.  Soon, I learned to be observing the value of quality about certain goods or items versus the value of money which it worth.  I started to buy Burberry handbags, Titus watches, Margaret Howell dresses, Kate Spade necklace, etc. and soon, I will buy an LV handbag, a Rolex watch and many more.  It is the values of my appreciation of the intensive research and unique design about the goods which will lead me to spend my money in a more meaningful ways and getting more comfortable because these big brand applied Ergonomic knowledge in their designs to ensure your comfort with those goods besides beauty.  You always can wait until big sales to get all those items.


My expectation in a boy-girl relationship!

Well!  I am very free now a days.  And, it is time to get a realistic boy friend, he is the man who is going to marry me.  I met a lot of charming men while at those moments I did not aware that is a need to get hitch.  Of course, they are married now.  One of them might be Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap.  I used to have an online boy friend from United States of America and he is my first boy friend in my life who have sent me a basket of flowers to my home in Petaling Jaya.  His name is Dr. Jonathan Maier.  To date, he should be married now.  As I mentioned, I want a more realistic boy friend, meaning I want a boy friend whom I can meet weekly or daily.  Of course, I have another online boy friend now and his name is Dr. Boris ZhXXXX.  He is an American as well.  We are very close to each other and we never plan to get married since his goal is to be a forever single man with a lot of good friends around him all over the world.  To him, a 10-miles run is better than SEX.  Boris and I are runners.  We traveled once from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and we have talked about sharing a room in a hotel by the seaside in Singapore when he was here not long ago.  Now, he is back to United States of America.

My expectation of a realistic boy friend cum leading to a husband is that we can meet many times to know more about each other especially the lifestyle compatibility.  If we feel hot, we can start to hold hands and later it come with a kiss on the face or on the lip.  French kissing is something which identify our confirmation of relationship as girl-boy friend relationship which is leading to a marriage.  When you want to kiss me, ask me first!!!  I am practicing no sex before marriage while I am not objecting we can have some private time together or we can have some good time overnight to some tourists places.  Watch up your hands, do not simply touch me!  I am aiming for more quality time being together especially quality communication and what are we planning to do as a lovely couple or talking about our time when we get married.

A lot of my friends told me that it is hard to stop the urge of sex when you love one even though you are not married.  Let's see!  If I am happen to join you as a pre-marital sex supporter, I will announce publicly.  Who is the lucky guy?                                  

As a conclusion, to be my boy friend, you must act step-by-step.

1.  Having meeting and meals time together or doing some activities in a gym together.  I am an invited member to their trial membership at True Fitness, Jaya 33 or Plaza 33.
2.  Start to laugh and debate while we talk to each others.
3.  Start to hold hands while we are walking together.
4.  Start to kiss on face or lips but, not French Kiss.
5.  Once we have decided we are a pair and we can live together, we can start to do French Kiss.  We can go for holiday in some tourist spots and sharing a room together to check out the compatibility and daily living lifestyle.
6.  We might be able to have sex or decide to get married after we have so many tours and being having the chances to be together!!  I do not know.  Let's see!  Should be have sex before marriage.
7.  Remember that I used to be a hot and sexy girl while I was very busy at work.  Now, I am a bit big size.  Don't worry!  I am able to get back to the sexy size again with a lot of hard work since I am a very dedicated and promising individual.  Let's have quality relationship rather than a physical focus relationship.  Let's talk about our career planning and advancement, so that we will not have any divorce possibility during our marriage life!  Let's spend more time together before we decide we want to get married.
8.  I might date a few men at the same time while do not worry since once I kiss you in your lips, I will be sending out the messages to all my dating partners that I choose you as my boy friend.  Be confident about yourself and not to limit yourself by dating me only.  My meaning of dating here is no touching to each other at all by simply having go conversation to know more about each other.
9.  Nice to meet you and happy to know more about you!

Sharing accommodation and sleeping side by side by doing nothing!

When I was in central London, I was staying in a dorm which 18 of us sharing a big room.  18 of us are from all over the world and we are the combination of male and female in a room.  When I was younger, I am sharing a room and sleeping side by side with my younger brothers in my home town since my father only afford to have a 3 room bungalow and the ability to born 6 children.  I am traveling far to study my secondary school study by renting a room near the school and away from home since twelve years old by beginning the 6 years in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, later, a two years in Penang, Malaysia, 2 years in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia, 18 months in Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, 6 months in Paddington, London, United Kingdom, 3 months in North Springfield, Lake Erie, PA, USA and many more.  After I came back from my 1 month traveling across the states in United States of America after I graduated with a Master of Science, I reported to Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya to work as a lecturer for 9 years and 3 months.  During my service in MMU, I am extremely active in volunteering activities and outdoor activities as usual.  I remember one time, I am invited by my good friend, Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap to attend a hiking trip with his classmates from Medical School to Gunung Stong, Kelantan.  It was about a week hiking trip.  We are 7 in a group.  Within all days, 7 of group sleeping side by side in a small space in the jungle.  I was sleeping side by side with Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap by doing nothing while enjoying the nature of the jungle.  Dr.  Terry Lee Lean Hiap is just like my brother and we know each other since high school while he was elected to become the President of Leo Club of SMJK Poi Lam and I was elected as the Membership Director in the club in year 19995, 1996 or 1997.  He is definitely a good man with the high values of knowing how to respect woman and good friend.  Currently, Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap is a Medical Doctor Skin Specialist who is practicing in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.  Look for him if you have any skin problem,  He is married with children.  We are good friends.  Besides, Dr. Terry Lee Lean Hiap, I have many other friends who are qualified medical doctors now who are practicing in all over the world because I am a let-go medical degree student.    

I can share a space in the jungle, I might be able to share a space in a hotel room for the budget wise.  Only sleeping side by side by doing nothing.  Just think about we all are brothers and sisters in a middle class family with a lot of children which is practicing sharing a room.  Do not think that if you are sharing a room or sleeping side by side, it will lead to any sex relationship.  Other people might have it while I can swear that I never have sex so far when I share a room with a man or more men when I am in a dorm.  We are not even touching each other.  Of course, we have a lot to talk especially introducing my country, Malaysia and a lot of tourists spots.  

Monday, April 10, 2017

Great people I have been working with so far!

Due to economical down turn in year 1998-2002, all the JPA scholars are studying locally especially in Multimedia University (MMU).  It was my study period for a degree of Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Software Engineering.  After I graduated, I work in Portrade Dotcom with my boss was an employee of Accenture.  After that I got a scholarship to study in Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) with all the scholars.  Soon, I was in United States to work with all compatible intelligence people and later, I am employed by Multimedia University as lecturer who has given the ideas to all people that lecturers are extremely start and intelligence.  I am working with groups of smart and intelligence people which includes all my volunteering activities partners.  After I left Multimedia University due to my start-up,  In between, I seek for works because I am not able to fund the company.  I never meet with such low quality people when I was in all the above.  I was in Lincoln University College, I met the most jealous bosses.  I was in as a part-time CTO, I met the mathematics failed boss.  He scolded me loud and saying that it was 15 days of work instead the truth is only 6 days since I am a part-time staff.  When I was in Eduspec Holdings Berhad, I have low quality and incapable higher ranking people than me and the HR manager is jealous about my ability to travel to so many countries and shouted at me loud when I sell her my book.  I met the most annoying bosses and they can't stand me as I am not intelligence compatible to them like what I had previously when I was in all those previous organization.  The most happy time was when I am in MUST and MMU.  They can not stand me to have a chance to self-sponsored to travel around the world and at the same time I was working for more than 15 years to date.  They should be impressed about my exploration about the world with a book written.  The book is named, "Sunshine Little Kitchen".  Recently, I accepted to become a member in Amway direct selling because I want to buy discounted supplements.

Not compatible people are good for social chatting and not for forever of my man meaning not my boy friend or husband or even my good friends.  Take note!      

I hope to get more better and compatible intelligence job colleagues.  Recently, I am in Monash, The lady lecturer is not even know what is she teaching and I asked her, she shouted at me, "Do you know Java Script?"  I was not sure, that's why I am asking.  I am sharing my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" to them.  Hope that they can buy my book from  A complaint is worked on me that I shouldn't sell my book during the class.  If your lecturer has good things to share with you, will you appreciate?  I would think that they should appreciate my sharing to them and not complaining due to jealousy!!  I am surprise that in Monash, they are accepting all ranking of students who are giving a lot of the hard work to the tutor and lecturer to ensure all are understand about a topic of lecturer or practical.    

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Billionaire Dream and Nobel Prize will lead me to be a billionaire or a trillionaire in a few years time.  After that my goal is to get a Ph.D. and a Nobel Prize.  A Nobel Prize must come from a crazy idea.  Ms. Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong is crazy!  I am crazy!  Thus, I have a chance to get a Nobel Prize!  Busy life and busy life!  Continuously getting the challenges to be crazy in a lot of ideas and make it a reality!  That is a Nobel Prize!       

Supply and Demand as well as Job Opportunities Provider

23% of the world population, i.e. 1.6 billion people are Muslim.  Muslim against GAMBLING.  While is a lucky draw portal to let the luck people to enjoy free traveling packages worldwide.  When I come out with this business idea, I do not know that it is actually under the GAMING industry while I am categorized it as Social and Traveling Industry.  If Malaysia government against to form it in the country, why Genting Casino and Berjaya 4D, TOTO and Magnum are still in business?  There must be a reason.  All these GAMING business are Job Opportunities Providers. is going to provide 2.2 billion job wordwide and it is a start-up now in Malaysia with the greatest hope to find a co-founder and the management team.  I sent my pitch-deck to Accel when I was in London recently.  Accel holds 10% of Facebook share to date and hopefully, Accel will be one of the investors in because SoLemMi needs a function from Facebook to export their photos to SoLemMi Virtual Tour Operator (VTO) accounts.  Besides Muslim, we have 77% of worldwide population will demand services and lucky draw chances.

Welcome to  Since we have the demand, then, SoLemMi will do the supply.  Supply and Demand, a knowledge of economic.  I learn this when I was a Bachelor degree student in one of the subjects even though I am a Software Engineering graduate.

If I am attending Echeleon in Penang next week, see you there!  If you are the right person to be the co-founder, let me know.  Call me! or SMS me!   

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Skin Rejunevation

Our skin is form by cells and the old skin will be gone and the new skin is growing.  This is the knowledge of biology.  When you have multiple sex partners in a few relationships, it is not an issue for health concern because the old cells will be gone and the new cells will be growing.  Western people know about this because majority of them are science students.  They know that the women are clean even though they have multiple sex partners in different relationship.  Biology!  Do you study Science?  Do not say that prostitutes are not clean!  They are standing on their own feet to feed themselves.