Friday, March 24, 2017

Hi! is a start-up since year 2014.  I am the founder and the CEO of with the action of changing the world and bridging the gap between the poor and the rich.  In, we are offering a lot of jobs such as home based superimposing specialists position in poor countries and developing countries or developed countries. is a lucky draw portal which can bring a lot of opportunities to people to travel the world by offering the superimposing service on tourist places photos and collecting USD 1 or more per lucky draw request.  According to statistic, about 1 billion people in America and China do not have a passport and the statistic do not cover the information about other countries besides America and China.  Thus, it is a huge market since we plan to have 3 lucky draw per week.  If we have 1 billion people enroll to the lucky draw, within a week, we can collect USD 3 billions.  This is a billion dollar business with the collaboration from and a lot of travel agencies. would be the main provider for the tourist places photos and we are calling its role as Virtual Tourist Operators.

Let's see my pitch deck (!  We welcome super intelligence and average or low intelligence people to join the company.  Email me your resume to join the team worldwide,  If you want to be the independent collaborators with, you can be the photographers to supply the photos to us as the Virtual Tourist Operators or any new travel agencies or independent tour guides because we need a lot of travel agencies to help us to award the lucky people to travel since it would be their first time traveling out of their countries and we need warm clothes suppliers to get lucky people ready for the comfortability of the tour when they are not at home.  We need restaurants worldwide too for the food supply.

If you are from the poor countries such as Bangladesh and you are having the difficulties to own a laptop and get online, we will have the OWN A LAPTOP program to arrange for the payment installments for your laptop by deducting from your superimposing jobs assignment pay.  Welcome to the vision of One Laptop per Child, and OWN A LAPTOP worldwide.  I am going to talk to some laptop companies to be the partnership of the OWN A LAPTOP program with  Of course, I am sure that Poor is not wrong while I need good and honest people to enroll to OWN A LAPTOP program.  I would welcome hardware or new brand laptop research and manufacturing companies to contact me as long as their laptop is able to run Photoshop or any photo editing software online.

Looking forward investors and talents or anyone who are looking for a job to join  Since the company is small, thus, I am going to receive your resume.  Email me,!   

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