Tuesday, March 28, 2017

www.solemmi.com is being categorized in Gaming Industry! Surprise!

Today, I was in MaGIC to do a pre-pitch about my website, ww.solemmi.com.  After I did the presentation, a Malay told me that I must relocate to China since there are about 600 million people in China who are not holding a passport.  He said, "This is a Muslim country and Malaysia will not welcome a GAMING website such as www.solemmi.com."  He refused to have me to pitch to the local investors on this coming Friday.  I replied, "My website is a lucky draw portal and not what GAMING website which you have mentioned about."  He said, "Hui-Shin, you are wrong!  Lucky draw is a type of gambling."  I replied, "The internet users will buy the superimposing services which www.solemmi.com is offering and at the same time a lucky draw entry is given after you paid USD 1 per superimposing service request.  Superimposing Service means you are putting yourself on a traveling spot's photo digitally such as you are choosing "The Statue of Liberty" as the background of yourself in a new superimposed photo."

China!  Here I come!

London!  Here I come!

New York!  Here I come!

I am recruiting management team members worldwide, kindly contact me, hswong@solemmi.com or huishin2020@gmail.com.  

Welcome to lucky draw portal, www.solemmi.com!  Watch up!

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