Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Reason why I am no longer a full-time staff in Education Industry

On 4th of December 2014, I left Multimedia University with mutual agreement and it is mainly because my research focus is not able to lead me a Professorship in my career due to the highest qualified supervisor is Dr. Daniel Wong is no longer in the industry.  Dr. Daniel Wong is a Ph.D. graduate in Stanford University.  Thus, there is no point to work full time in the Education Industry since I am a leader who will not be a Professor if I continuously working in Multimedia University.  Also, I have started as the founder and the CEO of the company at that time.  Right now, I am poor since I spent a lot of money in my company.  Thus, it is the right time to seek for investors or getting a job to work for good bosses.  Give me a job!  Any position which is General Manager or higher.  Call me!       

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