Thursday, March 9, 2017

Some small bytes about me

I am growing up in a leader family.  It means my family especially my father is the leader of a few group of people from where I was born, i.e. Pasir Salak region.  My father used to be the Chairman of MCA Pasir Salak Region.  Of course, he was very active in so many clubs and society when he was young.  During certain events, he brought me together and every one know that I am Mr. Wong Sam's eldest daughter.  My father is AMP (Ahli Mahkota Perak) which granted by Sultan Perak.  As the daughter of a leader, I always very proud about myself and my family especially my father.  We are the richest among all our contact in a village of 500 households.  

When I was 12 years old, my father sent me Ipoh, Perak for my secondary school study.  I rented a room near my school and taking school bus and later I walked to the school to attend classes when I stayed much nearer each and every time I moved to a new places.  Mr. Samuel Goh Kim Eng is my headmaster and I do not know if he is still remember me since the old age approaches.  I cooked for myself and stay in a single room or a few location by sharing room.  I have many friends who are earning Singapore dollars in Singapore.  I feel lucky that my family background is a leader version and never poor especially never have the opportunity to get a scholarship because all my family members never hear about any scholarship application availability since my father can afford to pay our tuition fees.  My primary schoolmate who is from a poor family who used to be the number 2 in the academic year result while I was the first or the champion in the school academic result.  I have chances to study further until almost a Ph.D now while she has no chance to further her study after secondary school as a result of no money.  Right now, she is a sales girl in a Singapore department store for more than 10 years now.  Imagine that she was the second and I was the first in the class!  Only 1 mark different between the rank!  Should her get the opportunity to study a degree or a diploma?  Thus, we can not look down at poor people.  Bill Gates said, "If you are born poor, it is not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it's your mistake."        

My father used to be an AMWAY distributor when I was a child.  He was in sales because he is very good in presentation.  

After my form 5 study in high school, I have a chance to go to Penang to further my Pre-University.  Of course, my father and my mother have 6 children.  It means rich is divided by 6 equal to almost poor stage.  No one around me since I was a baby until now to tell me that I must get STRAIGHT A in my academic results or get a scholarship.  Of course, I worked a few part-time job when I was a student when I was in Penang and also, I was extremely active in co-curriculum.  I worked as a part-time waitress at Fairway Sport Bar in Bukit Jambul Country Club which is opened by the richest man in Penang at that time.  Even though my family is not poor while I always look for loan for my education because I never hear and know about any available scholarship.  PTPTN loan was announced and I quickly applied, then, I got it in much less amount compared to others.     

I was a Multimedia University (MMU) student, Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) student, Massachusetts Institute Technology collaborative learning program learner, Royal Holloway, University of London Master of Science in Information Security learner, Newcastle University learner and Cambridge University program or meeting attendee.  Buy my book, "Sunshine Little Kicthen" from, you will know more about me.      
I did not log in to my for very long time, perhaps more than 10 years.  If you are looking for me, you might need to find a lot of different ways to call me or email me as a result of a lot of reasons.  This gmail is published in Marquis Who's Who database and it is stated as Wong Sam's and Lee SK's daughter from Malaysia.  I did not attend Novina, an Indonesian, i.e. my best friend's wedding in Singapore on 20th May 2012 which the identity thieve had logged in a few history in Singapore on that day.  I deleted all the items which it had logged in from Singapore which included some routes from or to Copthorne Hotel just now from my gmail profile.

I had a dinner event from Movenpick Hotel Chain particular in Phuket, Thailand branch at Pan Pacific Singapore many years ago with Joey Gan (Singaporean).  She invited me to go there.  I was there from National Technology University (NTU) with a Mercedes Benz Taxi.  I never been to Copthorne Hotel, Singapore but, Copthorne Hotel, Penang.  My dad, Wong Sam was a regular customer in Copthorne Hotels when he was an insurance agent with Overseas Assurance which is now known as Great Eastern Assurance.  After my dad worked as an insurance agent, he bought some lands to start commercial farming especially in coconut, Palm Oil and Rice field plantation.  My grandparents were farmers. is no longer active since 4th December 2014.  My Lincoln University College email is no longer active as well.  My another gmail account are,,  

After I know about scholarship, I applied and I got four merit scholarships to date.  Johns Hopkins University invited me to study their program too.  Of course, scholarship availability is there.  Let's see how far can my company, go.  I am eager to know.  When I am a successful entrepreneur, I can always study a Medical Degree in Johns Hopkins University to become a low income and the most ethical Medical Doctor in town who is helping the richest to evaluate and diagnose their sickness to lead them to 200 years old in life.  I will be the selected pool of Medical Doctor to heal the ethical Billionaire even though I am a Billionaire from  

Everyone can dream, nothing is impossible!  

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