Thursday, March 23, 2017

It is my fault to be extremely friendly!

I am working on to provide majority jobs such as Superimposing Specialist position to those who are not good in studying or what I said average intelligence and lack of a bit of luck.  Throughout the process of hiring, I have the chances to talk to these people and my friendly behaviour and my extremely patient attitude have attracted a lot of admirers who are wanted to be my husband or boy friend.  I am very sorry to inform that I am looking for a highly intelligence boy friend or husband with the specification that I am not willing to tolerate our communication flaw.  I insist to have a good conversation and high level discussion like Physics invention, Law Manipulation, Health and Types of Sickness healing and etc.  All these are the conversation after I read all kind of magazines.  I met a Professor from United States of America on my way to Singapore recently and he is one of my dream men since our level of conversation are interesting and we are able to debate on all these topics and we are kind of compatible.  I do not have much conversation with Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong while I am attracted to him due to his view and position in life.  Our conversation are mainly, "I am sorry that I can not attend your talk."  Are we a match?     

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