Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to read?

When you are reading a post in a forum, you must know about how many people are agreeing on the post before you trust the words.  Do not simply act like a person who do not know how to read and being misused by rumors or simply words which are purposely take bad with creation while all the words are not true.  The influential power of a person is really important when he or she says something.  If he or she is really powerful, he or she will not use nickname and they will use their legal name to comment on a person.  If their comments are misleading and purposely take bad, you have the right to sue them in court, i.e. looking for a lawyer to put them in fine or jail.  Watch up!  I used to be the CTO of the company. has some bad comments from some people who use nickname to comments on me.  I want legal name and the collection of polls on how many people are agreeing it since my class has 250 students.  Collect all the 250 students' bad comments about me if I am really a bad lecturer.  Use legal name to comment.  I will take it to the court with the assistance of my personal lawyer if you are purposely creating some story to jeopardized my name and my personality.  I was a lecturer in Multimedia University for 9 years and 3 months.  Why am I able to work for so long and I have my own business at the same time if you are saying that I am a bad lecturer?  Kindly justify.

Do not let one person to kill your trust on me as I am really one of the best personality in the world.  I am a leader.  Follow me and you are safe!

My personal quote, "See, think, enlighten then, follow!"

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