Thursday, March 23, 2017

Are you ethical?

If you are a database administrator in facebook or in google, you can always create the content in facebook posting and conversation history or google search results content and gmail correspondence email reply and sent.  If you are a DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR who are not ethical, it means you can collect money based on the bad jobs you have done.  What ever we are having online are all database!!  If you have seen anything funny, kindly verify with me, it could be some of the A+ jealousy and comparative database administrators' act to reduce my number of friends or admirers.  I am talking about the knowledge of database here.  If you are not computer science A+ students or graduates, you are hardly understand about what am I talking about.  In my blog introduction, I am saying that I wish to bridge the gap between the IT-savvy and non IT-savvy individuals.  SMS me or call me to verify some funny posting, so that we are able to identify the jobs of my blog posts creation or the insertion of the database administrator.  

Recently, I am on some medication and it leads to my body's size keep on increasing.  I am fat now.  My tummy is like 9-month pregnancy.  I tried to stop the medication for more than 3 times and I manage to reduce my weights within a month.  It means I became fat for more than 3 times and I managed to reduce my weight and get back to my original size, 52kg!!  My model size body is there or I stop the medication.  Help me!  Convince my doctors that I am only ambitious and being listed as one of the billionaires in two years time through  I am the founder and CEO of the company.  I am not dreaming while this is how the investors team listed my business ideas as the billion dollar business.  My doctors and a group of people said that I have mental health and I need medication.  They are manipulating all my innocents friends and family members who rarely knowing the billion dollar business initialization and reading about Forbes.  According to them, I dream too much and I need mental health treatment since I said I was invited to sit on Gulfstream, a private jet in California.  And, I was offered to have one night stand about 10 years ago when I was in London with the compensation of 2 million or 20 million pounds, I can not remember exactly.  All these are my experience while these doctors and a group of people saying that I have mental health problem.  You will not see globalized metal health doctors in Malaysia since they are only busy reading their medical books with no free time to know more about the world and business.  Malaysia have a dream to become a developed country in year 2020.  Are you sure with all these people who are claiming that I have mental problem can sustain the dream of Malaysia to become an advance country???  I doubt so!!

Doctors, I want you to talk to my innocent friends and family members, "Stop asking me to consume medication even though the medication are from Johns Hopkins Research Centre.  The medication has a lot of side effects: 1) I become fat; 2) My level of calsium is losing: my teeth and gum become crazy."  You can ask all the people who know about me!  I have the most beautiful teeth among all the people around me and it is an excellent grow.

Are you ethical or you are being crazy about your jealousy and comparative behavior?  You may want to know why am I being so successful while you are only a Database Administrator.  Your monthly pay is definitely higher than my pay when I was a lecturer in Multimedia University, however, the type of life as a lecturer is interesting and meeting people in the conference and being invited to Gulfstream, a private jet.  I did not know Guldstream is a private jet until someone tell me because in Malaysia we have executive coach or bus which offer the same sitting size with leather.  The bus is from One Utama if I am not wrong.  My memory is a bit lack off due to these doctors judge me that I should have ECT treatments.  I never fall into a depression and why should I go under ECT treatments?  I am being so successful all the time and being so cheerful and positive about my life and  Even though I am single while I have more than 5 admirers are pursuing me worldwide.  This is the power of being extremely friendly and patient with no racist mind.

If you want to know about my technical level, you may consult Dr. Chan Gaik Yee and a team of my Malay conference paper buddies.  I helped Dr. Chan Gaik Yee to code her Ph.D analytical exercises.

Since I have created so many personal quotes, I am sure I deserve to be employed as a Professor in any international university.  I believe that a university professor must be having some position and point of view through their personality else, they are not deserving as a Professor.  I know a lot of local Professors are as such.  They are only qualified as their total number of conference papers and journals are meeting the requirements.  I never have a conversation more than 10 sentences with recently promoted Professor Lee Chien Seng until recently even though we are colleagues in Multimedia University for more than 9 years maybe.  I do not know her well and I look down at her as a Professor through my contact to her recently.  She do not deserve to be a Professor!!  I am not jealous while the way how they define professorship need to be revised.

A lot of people are following badly about titles such as Professor.  If you are a Professor, all the people will listen to you even though you are not qualify or your words are not making sense.  Proof me wrong!

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