Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My personal view about the history of the act of stealing!

Steal is an act from the poor people; I agreed.  It depends on what are you stealing.  If a poor man steal some food because he is extremely hungry, he is forgiven because the society or country does not provide enough job opportunities for these poor men to fed themselves.  It is the country's mistake to have people to steal food.  It is not because he is lazy.  It is just that he does not have the luck to get a job since his level of education is low and he can not afford to have basic meals.  Thus, there were plenty of programs previously to give enough jobs to poor people in Malaysia and any part of the world.  MCA, UMNO and MIC in Malaysia play an important role to bring the poor to rich and ensure that all citizens will have at least a role and a job.  

If you are stealing or exchange the branded shoes, bags or clothes, then, you are deserving to go to jail mainly because all those are not basic needs and GOD will not forgive you if you are doing so.  A lot of imitation products in Thailand.  These unethical people exchanged a few items of my branded shoes, clothes and bags to the imitation products from Thailand, I guess.

Why????  Thailand tak boleh!!
Thailand, you should not have imitation products manufacturing at the first place.

Thank you!      

www.solemmi.com is being categorized in Gaming Industry! Surprise!

Today, I was in MaGIC to do a pre-pitch about my website, ww.solemmi.com.  After I did the presentation, a Malay told me that I must relocate to China since there are about 600 million people in China who are not holding a passport.  He said, "This is a Muslim country and Malaysia will not welcome a GAMING website such as www.solemmi.com."  He refused to have me to pitch to the local investors on this coming Friday.  I replied, "My website is a lucky draw portal and not what GAMING website which you have mentioned about."  He said, "Hui-Shin, you are wrong!  Lucky draw is a type of gambling."  I replied, "The internet users will buy the superimposing services which www.solemmi.com is offering and at the same time a lucky draw entry is given after you paid USD 1 per superimposing service request.  Superimposing Service means you are putting yourself on a traveling spot's photo digitally such as you are choosing "The Statue of Liberty" as the background of yourself in a new superimposed photo."

China!  Here I come!

London!  Here I come!

New York!  Here I come!

I am recruiting management team members worldwide, kindly contact me, hswong@solemmi.com or huishin2020@gmail.com.  

Welcome to lucky draw portal, www.solemmi.com!  Watch up!

Friday, March 24, 2017


Hi!  www.solemmi.com is a start-up since year 2014.  I am the founder and the CEO of www.solemmi.com with the action of changing the world and bridging the gap between the poor and the rich.  In www.solemmi.com, we are offering a lot of jobs such as home based superimposing specialists position in poor countries and developing countries or developed countries.  www.solemmi.com is a lucky draw portal which can bring a lot of opportunities to people to travel the world by offering the superimposing service on tourist places photos and collecting USD 1 or more per lucky draw request.  According to statistic, about 1 billion people in America and China do not have a passport and the statistic do not cover the information about other countries besides America and China.  Thus, it is a huge market since we plan to have 3 lucky draw per week.  If we have 1 billion people enroll to the lucky draw, within a week, we can collect USD 3 billions.  This is a billion dollar business with the collaboration from Shutterstock.com and a lot of travel agencies.  Shutterstock.com would be the main provider for the tourist places photos and we are calling its role as Virtual Tourist Operators.

Let's see my pitch deck (https://www.slideshare.net/hswong/so-lemmi-wonghuishinpitchdeckv5-1)!  We welcome super intelligence and average or low intelligence people to join the company.  Email me your resume to join the team worldwide, hswong@solemmi.com.  If you want to be the independent collaborators with www.solemmi.com, you can be the photographers to supply the photos to us as the Virtual Tourist Operators or any new travel agencies or independent tour guides because we need a lot of travel agencies to help us to award the lucky people to travel since it would be their first time traveling out of their countries and we need warm clothes suppliers to get lucky people ready for the comfortability of the tour when they are not at home.  We need restaurants worldwide too for the food supply.

If you are from the poor countries such as Bangladesh and you are having the difficulties to own a laptop and get online, we will have the OWN A LAPTOP program to arrange for the payment installments for your laptop by deducting from your superimposing jobs assignment pay.  Welcome to the vision of One Laptop per Child, http://one.laptop.org/ and OWN A LAPTOP worldwide.  I am going to talk to some laptop companies to be the partnership of the OWN A LAPTOP program with www.solemmi.com.  Of course, I am sure that Poor is not wrong while I need good and honest people to enroll to OWN A LAPTOP program.  I would welcome hardware or new brand laptop research and manufacturing companies to contact me as long as their laptop is able to run Photoshop or any photo editing software online.

Looking forward investors and talents or anyone who are looking for a job to join www.solemmi.com.  Since the company is small, thus, I am going to receive your resume.  Email me, hswong@solemmi.com!   

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Are you ethical?

If you are a database administrator in facebook or in google, you can always create the content in facebook posting and conversation history or google search results content and gmail correspondence email reply and sent.  If you are a DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR who are not ethical, it means you can collect money based on the bad jobs you have done.  What ever we are having online are all database!!  If you have seen anything funny, kindly verify with me, it could be some of the A+ jealousy and comparative database administrators' act to reduce my number of friends or admirers.  I am talking about the knowledge of database here.  If you are not computer science A+ students or graduates, you are hardly understand about what am I talking about.  In my blog introduction, I am saying that I wish to bridge the gap between the IT-savvy and non IT-savvy individuals.  SMS me or call me to verify some funny posting, so that we are able to identify the jobs of my blog posts creation or the insertion of the database administrator.  

Recently, I am on some medication and it leads to my body's size keep on increasing.  I am fat now.  My tummy is like 9-month pregnancy.  I tried to stop the medication for more than 3 times and I manage to reduce my weights within a month.  It means I became fat for more than 3 times and I managed to reduce my weight and get back to my original size, 52kg!!  My model size body is there or I stop the medication.  Help me!  Convince my doctors that I am only ambitious and being listed as one of the billionaires in two years time through www.solemmi.com.  I am the founder and CEO of the company.  I am not dreaming while this is how the investors team listed my business ideas as the billion dollar business.  My doctors and a group of people said that I have mental health and I need medication.  They are manipulating all my innocents friends and family members who rarely knowing the billion dollar business initialization and reading about Forbes.  According to them, I dream too much and I need mental health treatment since I said I was invited to sit on Gulfstream, a private jet in California.  And, I was offered to have one night stand about 10 years ago when I was in London with the compensation of 2 million or 20 million pounds, I can not remember exactly.  All these are my experience while these doctors and a group of people saying that I have mental health problem.  You will not see globalized metal health doctors in Malaysia since they are only busy reading their medical books with no free time to know more about the world and business.  Malaysia have a dream to become a developed country in year 2020.  Are you sure with all these people who are claiming that I have mental problem can sustain the dream of Malaysia to become an advance country???  I doubt so!!

Doctors, I want you to talk to my innocent friends and family members, "Stop asking me to consume medication even though the medication are from Johns Hopkins Research Centre.  The medication has a lot of side effects: 1) I become fat; 2) My level of calsium is losing: my teeth and gum become crazy."  You can ask all the people who know about me!  I have the most beautiful teeth among all the people around me and it is an excellent grow.

Are you ethical or you are being crazy about your jealousy and comparative behavior?  You may want to know why am I being so successful while you are only a Database Administrator.  Your monthly pay is definitely higher than my pay when I was a lecturer in Multimedia University, however, the type of life as a lecturer is interesting and meeting people in the conference and being invited to Gulfstream, a private jet.  I did not know Guldstream is a private jet until someone tell me because in Malaysia we have executive coach or bus which offer the same sitting size with leather.  The bus is from One Utama if I am not wrong.  My memory is a bit lack off due to these doctors judge me that I should have ECT treatments.  I never fall into a depression and why should I go under ECT treatments?  I am being so successful all the time and being so cheerful and positive about my life and www.solemmi.com.  Even though I am single while I have more than 5 admirers are pursuing me worldwide.  This is the power of being extremely friendly and patient with no racist mind.

If you want to know about my technical level, you may consult Dr. Chan Gaik Yee and a team of my Malay conference paper buddies.  I helped Dr. Chan Gaik Yee to code her Ph.D analytical exercises.

Since I have created so many personal quotes, I am sure I deserve to be employed as a Professor in any international university.  I believe that a university professor must be having some position and point of view through their personality else, they are not deserving as a Professor.  I know a lot of local Professors are as such.  They are only qualified as their total number of conference papers and journals are meeting the requirements.  I never have a conversation more than 10 sentences with recently promoted Professor Lee Chien Seng until recently even though we are colleagues in Multimedia University for more than 9 years maybe.  I do not know her well and I look down at her as a Professor through my contact to her recently.  She do not deserve to be a Professor!!  I am not jealous while the way how they define professorship need to be revised.

A lot of people are following badly about titles such as Professor.  If you are a Professor, all the people will listen to you even though you are not qualify or your words are not making sense.  Proof me wrong!

It is my fault to be extremely friendly!

I am working on www.solemmi.com to provide majority jobs such as Superimposing Specialist position to those who are not good in studying or what I said average intelligence and lack of a bit of luck.  Throughout the process of hiring, I have the chances to talk to these people and my friendly behaviour and my extremely patient attitude have attracted a lot of admirers who are wanted to be my husband or boy friend.  I am very sorry to inform that I am looking for a highly intelligence boy friend or husband with the specification that I am not willing to tolerate our communication flaw.  I insist to have a good conversation and high level discussion like Physics invention, Law Manipulation, Health and Types of Sickness healing and etc.  All these are the conversation after I read all kind of magazines.  I met a Professor from United States of America on my way to Singapore recently and he is one of my dream men since our level of conversation are interesting and we are able to debate on all these topics and we are kind of compatible.  I do not have much conversation with Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong while I am attracted to him due to his view and position in life.  Our conversation are mainly, "I am sorry that I can not attend your talk."  Are we a match?     

How to read?

When you are reading a post in a forum, you must know about how many people are agreeing on the post before you trust the words.  Do not simply act like a person who do not know how to read and being misused by rumors or simply words which are purposely take bad with creation while all the words are not true.  The influential power of a person is really important when he or she says something.  If he or she is really powerful, he or she will not use nickname and they will use their legal name to comment on a person.  If their comments are misleading and purposely take bad, you have the right to sue them in court, i.e. looking for a lawyer to put them in fine or jail.  Watch up!  www.burgielaw.com.  I used to be the CTO of the company.

www.lowyat.net has some bad comments from some people who use nickname to comments on me.  I want legal name and the collection of polls on how many people are agreeing it since my class has 250 students.  Collect all the 250 students' bad comments about me if I am really a bad lecturer.  Use legal name to comment.  I will take it to the court with the assistance of my personal lawyer if you are purposely creating some story to jeopardized my name and my personality.  I was a lecturer in Multimedia University for 9 years and 3 months.  Why am I able to work for so long and I have my own business at the same time if you are saying that I am a bad lecturer?  Kindly justify.

Do not let one person to kill your trust on me as I am really one of the best personality in the world.  I am a leader.  Follow me and you are safe!

My personal quote, "See, think, enlighten then, follow!"

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Greeting from London!

I am here in London to attend a technical summit with the greatest will to talk to Google Inc UK and Lonely Planet UK for the working collaboration in www.solemmi.com.  Also, solemmi.com is seek for the technical partnership with any interested companies in United Kingdom or any parts of the world.  www.solemmi.com is looking for suitable investors and collaborating partners to work for the next billion business in the world initiated from ASIA with the help from Europe and United States of America. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Improvement: DO NOT JUDGE simply

People will keep improving if they are a good learner.  Never and ever to justify one's capability and ability as stagnant.  They are improving day by day.  Do not judge people if you do not know them well.  If you want to know one, you may google if he or she is famous enough,  

The Reason why I am no longer a full-time staff in Education Industry

On 4th of December 2014, I left Multimedia University with mutual agreement and it is mainly because my research focus is not able to lead me a Professorship in my career due to the highest qualified supervisor is Dr. Daniel Wong is no longer in the industry.  Dr. Daniel Wong is a Ph.D. graduate in Stanford University.  Thus, there is no point to work full time in the Education Industry since I am a leader who will not be a Professor if I continuously working in Multimedia University.  Also, I have started www.solemmi.com as the founder and the CEO of the company at that time.  Right now, I am poor since I spent a lot of money in my company.  Thus, it is the right time to seek for investors or getting a job to work for good bosses.  Give me a job!  Any position which is General Manager or higher.  Call me!       

Garment, Food, Accommodation and Transportation (衣食住行)

Each of us are born to serve the community.  In another words, we have different responsibility because we are born into different types of people.

When you have the above independently, you can say that you are a successful person.  No matter you are a Domino's pizza delivery boy or you are the founder of www.facebook.com, as long as you are having all the above independently, you are successful.  Of course, we can switch our job responsibility base on the ability and the improve version of yourself after you attended Toastmaster's Club for example.  

We buy all these according to the fund availability.  If you have more money, you buy a different brand or you choose the one which is suitable for you.     

Some small bytes about me

I am growing up in a leader family.  It means my family especially my father is the leader of a few group of people from where I was born, i.e. Pasir Salak region.  My father used to be the Chairman of MCA Pasir Salak Region.  Of course, he was very active in so many clubs and society when he was young.  During certain events, he brought me together and every one know that I am Mr. Wong Sam's eldest daughter.  My father is AMP (Ahli Mahkota Perak) which granted by Sultan Perak.  As the daughter of a leader, I always very proud about myself and my family especially my father.  We are the richest among all our contact in a village of 500 households.  

When I was 12 years old, my father sent me Ipoh, Perak for my secondary school study.  I rented a room near my school and taking school bus and later I walked to the school to attend classes when I stayed much nearer each and every time I moved to a new places.  Mr. Samuel Goh Kim Eng is my headmaster and I do not know if he is still remember me since the old age approaches.  I cooked for myself and stay in a single room or a few location by sharing room.  I have many friends who are earning Singapore dollars in Singapore.  I feel lucky that my family background is a leader version and never poor especially never have the opportunity to get a scholarship because all my family members never hear about any scholarship application availability since my father can afford to pay our tuition fees.  My primary schoolmate who is from a poor family who used to be the number 2 in the academic year result while I was the first or the champion in the school academic result.  I have chances to study further until almost a Ph.D now while she has no chance to further her study after secondary school as a result of no money.  Right now, she is a sales girl in a Singapore department store for more than 10 years now.  Imagine that she was the second and I was the first in the class!  Only 1 mark different between the rank!  Should her get the opportunity to study a degree or a diploma?  Thus, we can not look down at poor people.  Bill Gates said, "If you are born poor, it is not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it's your mistake."        

My father used to be an AMWAY distributor when I was a child.  He was in sales because he is very good in presentation.  

After my form 5 study in high school, I have a chance to go to Penang to further my Pre-University.  Of course, my father and my mother have 6 children.  It means rich is divided by 6 equal to almost poor stage.  No one around me since I was a baby until now to tell me that I must get STRAIGHT A in my academic results or get a scholarship.  Of course, I worked a few part-time job when I was a student when I was in Penang and also, I was extremely active in co-curriculum.  I worked as a part-time waitress at Fairway Sport Bar in Bukit Jambul Country Club which is opened by the richest man in Penang at that time.  Even though my family is not poor while I always look for loan for my education because I never hear and know about any available scholarship.  PTPTN loan was announced and I quickly applied, then, I got it in much less amount compared to others.     

I was a Multimedia University (MMU) student, Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) student, Massachusetts Institute Technology collaborative learning program learner, Royal Holloway, University of London Master of Science in Information Security learner, Newcastle University learner and Cambridge University program or meeting attendee.  Buy my book, "Sunshine Little Kicthen" from www.amazon.com, you will know more about me.      
I did not log in to my sunshine.msia@gmail.com for very long time, perhaps more than 10 years.  If you are looking for me, you might need to find a lot of different ways to call me or email me as a result of a lot of reasons.  This gmail is published in Marquis Who's Who database and it is stated as Wong Sam's and Lee SK's daughter from Malaysia.  I did not attend Novina, an Indonesian, i.e. my best friend's wedding in Singapore on 20th May 2012 which the identity thieve had logged in a few history in Singapore on that day.  I deleted all the items which it had logged in from Singapore which included some routes from or to Copthorne Hotel just now from my gmail profile.

I had a dinner event from Movenpick Hotel Chain particular in Phuket, Thailand branch at Pan Pacific Singapore many years ago with Joey Gan (Singaporean).  She invited me to go there.  I was there from National Technology University (NTU) with a Mercedes Benz Taxi.  I never been to Copthorne Hotel, Singapore but, Copthorne Hotel, Penang.  My dad, Wong Sam was a regular customer in Copthorne Hotels when he was an insurance agent with Overseas Assurance which is now known as Great Eastern Assurance.  After my dad worked as an insurance agent, he bought some lands to start commercial farming especially in coconut, Palm Oil and Rice field plantation.  My grandparents were farmers.  

hswong@mmu.edu.my is no longer active since 4th December 2014.  My Lincoln University College email is no longer active as well.  My another gmail account are huishin2020@gmail.com, hswong@solemmi.com, wong.huishin@monesh.edu.  

After I know about scholarship, I applied and I got four merit scholarships to date.  Johns Hopkins University invited me to study their program too.  Of course, scholarship availability is there.  Let's see how far can my company, www.solemmi.com go.  I am eager to know.  When I am a successful entrepreneur, I can always study a Medical Degree in Johns Hopkins University to become a low income and the most ethical Medical Doctor in town who is helping the richest to evaluate and diagnose their sickness to lead them to 200 years old in life.  I will be the selected pool of Medical Doctor to heal the ethical Billionaire even though I am a Billionaire from www.solemmi.com.  

Everyone can dream, nothing is impossible!  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A good catch!

Definitely I am hot and a good catch for a lot of men who had been claimed that I was their girl friend since I am extremely friendly to everyone who came to me.  I would declare that I bought all my clothes, foot wear, bags, traveling trips and golf set using my own money.  NO MEN ARE PAYING WHAT I HAVE.  My monthly pay is low while I was lucky to buy a condominium with RM 150,000 in year 2005 and I sold it at the price of RM 430,000.  Almost RM 300,000 which I spent for a lot of things.  Before, I sell my condominium, I was refinance and I withdrawn all my Account TWO money from EPF.  Of course, I spent RM 5 a day for meal also in my destiny when I was a student.  My highest price of 1 meal is RM 1200 for a dish which is a sea crab from Korea.  I like luxurious because their quality is there.  I like quality!

Definitely, you must respect me that I will not go after any married men.  COMPENSATION is needed if you destroy my belongings due to you trust some STUPID by saying that I was their women before and they have spent a lot on me while we have the relationship.

When you buy something for me, it should be going together to the shop and but it, else, you just bought a lot of goods and put them together in my house if you are so happy to have the keys from the developers to open the door for you to enter my property by saying that you are a wireman.

If you are a married man and you said that you used to buy goods to me, then, you will make your women jealous on me and I have so much of problems by having all these people who are not compatible on your treatment.

DO NOT SAY THAT you buy a DKNY High Heels and a BurBurry Handbag for me since I am rich enough to buy such goods.  I am RICH since I used to have RM 300,000 cash.  I need COMPENSATION if you purposely destroy the quality of my belongings.  DO LET YOUR WOMEN KNOW THAT I AM SO RICH and do not bluff that I was your woman since I never have a long lasting man who bought me goods.  If you have the problem to read my post, check each of the word from www.dictionary.com.  Thank you!

I am extremely friendly and I mix with all kind of people to do research.  Buy my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen".

Also, I have traveled to so many places without any expenses claims from Multimedia University (MMU) during my service with MMU which include the award ceremony, Linda Latham Scholarship in California, USA by first time boarding on a Gulfstream and knowing it as a private jet after I posted it to Facebook.com after Daniel letting me know Maxis big boss has one as well.
When I have money, I will buy all the quality goods and services.  Now, I am poor because I am in a business and looking for investor(s).  At the same time, I am without a permanent job.          

"A good catch!" is written by Ms. Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong.  I am writing this statement to ensure that the hacker do not do anything funny again.  Of course, I would say 99% of the blog posts are written by me.