Sunday, February 12, 2017

Reality and Imagination

I am sorry for a few blog posts which had annoyed so many audiences.  I used other people's network and lead to my username and password being disposed.  Then, some people whom wished to create some fun used my ID or credential to do something funny.  I need time to go through all the blog posts and doing the best edit for all the my posts under my credential.  I am sorry for everything.  Just that I am imaginative and what you all known as "crazy" for a short moment.  Thank you.


I am sorry again and thank you for your forgiving.  

I am still single and no any other children while I had imagined that I have many in my books writing.  I had mixed up the books writing and the reality in my life.  Hope that you will verify the questions you have in mind.

I have a lot to write. Thank you.

Of course, I fall in Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong when I first watch his YouTube session.  I like the content and the way how he talk.  Perhaps Yeoh Chen Chow can be the middle man to match us to meet.

My new book writing assignment, "How ENTJ woman fall in love?"  Stay tune!  Dato' Justin Leong is definitely an imaginative character in my story.

List of my books:

1. Sunshine Little Kitchen - (ISBN: 978-1-4678-8964-3)
2. Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century
3. The Lamborghini
4. How ENTJ Woman Fall in Love?
5. The Sherlock Holmes meets The Wonder Woman
6. My children's guide book
7. Mommy's Son 

8. A letter to Sir James Murray

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