Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Ideal Man, i.e. Ms. Wong Hui Shin's Boy Friend Cum Husband

It is my honour to receive such compliments from those men who know me. I told them, my man is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong. He is the smartest, the most intelligence and strategically wise in many perspective. I do not like divorced man mainly because they will not ask before they wish to do some sex move on me such as kissing, touching and etc. Of course, I will run quickly. After I am asking them why they are acting as such because he has claimed that his wife was as such to let him touched and kissed. I am not saying all divorced men are not good while 99.9% are sexually active. Most likely, they will want sex before a new marriage. Conclusion, NO DIVORCED MAN, NO MARRIED MAN and NO MAN who is within a BOY-GIRL RELATIONSHIP. I repeat ...... A married man or a legally divorced man is never my cup of tea. If you are a man with a girl friend right now or in a relationship right now, you are not my cup of tea as well. To further explain my previous 2 statements, I will not be interested in MARRIED MAN, DIVORCED MAN and a man in a boy-and-girl relationship as my BOY FRIEND CUM HUSBAND. My objective to write this page or post is to attract the suitable single man.

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