Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why am I deserve to become a self-made instant billionaire?

Why am I deserve to become a self-made instant billionaire?
Why am I, Wong Hui Shin, Hui-Shin Wong and Shyan H. Wong deserve to become a self-made instant billionaire after I attended Founder Institute program with the founding idea of plus patents creation? 1. Intellectual with plenty of ideas to change the world to a better stage by creating 2.67 billions job opportunities. 2. Do not copy, steal and exchange other people's belongings and ideas without official and mutual buying agreement. For example, you have seen the STARBUCK Coffee in United States or in Malaysia and you came out and start a Pirate's Coffee in your home town in China, then, it is not a Billionaire action. 3. Do your job and be professional. Never and ever having double standard like only serving rich people with good manner while looking down and shout loud at poor people when all these people are eating at your restaurant or company. This is the Ethics and Professional Conduct which is the United States of America gaining the number 1 or the best customer service in the world. Kindly read my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen", the Amtrak service. 4. Law of Attraction. Only wait for official invitation if you are belonging to the group and only following your admirers to attend such events with greatest disappointments because you are not welcome. You might be counted in mainly because there are extra seats that you are coming and some people are withdrawing their participation. 5. Seducing a man is a great sin because those women who know how to seduce men are not willing to work hard and sweat. Do you come across a waitress or a farmer is a woman who love to do seducing men jobs? If she seduce a man and have sex with a man and happily and willingly to work on her profession as a construction worker, cleaner, farmer or waitress after the sex activities, then, they are having true love. If you are a wife, then, you might accept the seduce woman as your love sharing partner. This is the creation of Islam and the indication of Muslim is able to share 1 husband and accepting 1 husband have more than 1 wife. My profession is a university lecturer or professor. I will want such a status if I seduce a man because I am qualified to be such job and I am definitely not meeting any Muslim at this moment, if I am then, I am not aware that we are actually in love and I am a naturally born Billionaire even though I am a lecturer or professor in the university. One woman who is innocently fall in love and having sex with a married man or a man who has the marriage attachment or promises by having no clue or any information because this man is not applying one man and one woman in a family or a marriage with forever wealth concepts and still insisting to follow the man with no any wealth request and willing to work hard to earn a living to feed their children and not doing any bad acts to destroy the happiness which his first wife or wives are having. No jealousy and no stealing or keep on watching on his first wife or wives with greatest happiness and contented because she is falling in love with such a great man with no HARD REQUEST or any REQUEST to do better than his first wife or wives. All these men who have more than 1 wife are Muslim. Never and ever has a Muslim will have an useless wife as their second, third, fourth and etc. because Muslim need more than 1 wife to gain more WEALTH, HAPPINESS and POWER. 6. Thinking Compatibility, Level Compatibility, Profession Compatibility or Job Allocation Law/ Concepts or Lifestyle Compatibility with legal or law abiding is the greatest happiness. You can not repair a labtop at a grocery stall. You will not be able to find a prostitute in a hospital such as Prince Court.
You could be a waitress while you are able to communicate with your BIG BOSS because you have Thinking Compatibility or Lifestyle Compatibility such as you like to eat NASI LEMAK and your boss is a big fan of NASI LEMAK or you are born from a poor family and your BIG BOSS is born from a poor family.
Level Compatibility: You are not able to find investors in BMCC because you are not in the circle of friends. You can go to KC See or if you have a lot of ideas to form a business to create more job opportunities especially the job opportunities for all your friends and family. 7. Billionaire candidates will help people and give people abundant of hopes, inspiration, security, motivation to become a good person, slowly migrating to be a good leader. A father is a leader. A mother is a leader. A restaurant team leader is a leader ...... 8. Saying "THANK YOU" and having the thinking and action to thanks one's help is the greatest value of a good and honesty people such as one is helping you to improve your English or any of your existing skills. If you have any accident, you may contact professional CAR TOWING service, police hotline or any ambulance service and not simply hitch-hike or seeking helps from the people at the roadside who are pretending to help you if you DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT. If you see a car is breaking down, you may contact the RHB Insurance Car Towing Service or PROTON Car Towing Service or PLUS Highland or any Highway HOTLINE. If you have no clue about the HOTLINE NUMBER to seek for help, then, ask the TOL STATION officer's help to get the number. 9. Learn the published words and quotes which are carrying continuously research because the words from those days are a few thousand years ago and the improvement of education levels, civilization, human being's network and technology enhancement. 10. Innovation, invention and creativity with pioneering idea and the ability to learn new knowledge and technology updates is something great and all these are the most important values of a billionaire if you are a naturally born good, smart, professional, honest and remembering and feel thanks to all those people who have giving you guidelines and helps while you are a needy.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

International Naming Convention - Hui Shin Wong, Hui-Shin Wong and Shyan H. Wong

First Name and Last Name. My legal name is Wong Hui Shin. In United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA), my First Name is Hui-Shin or Hui Shin; my Last Name or Surname is Wong. Thus, I am named as Hui Shin Wong or Hui-Shin Wong in UK and USA. Why should I put a hyphen between Hui and Shin? The reason is that I wish to let all my UK and USA friends know that my first name is Hui-Shin and not HUI only. My English name is SHYAN. Shyan H. Wong is my name, i.e. Shyan Hui Shin Wong.  My nickname when I was in USA is Sunshine. I have many "white" friends knowing me as Sunshine.

My Ideal Man, i.e. Ms. Wong Hui Shin's Boy Friend Cum Husband

It is my honour to receive such compliments from those men who know me. I told them, my man is Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong. He is the smartest, the most intelligence and strategically wise in many perspective. I do not like divorced man mainly because they will not ask before they wish to do some sex move on me such as kissing, touching and etc. Of course, I will run quickly. After I am asking them why they are acting as such because he has claimed that his wife was as such to let him touched and kissed. I am not saying all divorced men are not good while 99.9% are sexually active. Most likely, they will want sex before a new marriage. Conclusion, NO DIVORCED MAN, NO MARRIED MAN and NO MAN who is within a BOY-GIRL RELATIONSHIP. I repeat ...... A married man or a legally divorced man is never my cup of tea. If you are a man with a girl friend right now or in a relationship right now, you are not my cup of tea as well. To further explain my previous 2 statements, I will not be interested in MARRIED MAN, DIVORCED MAN and a man in a boy-and-girl relationship as my BOY FRIEND CUM HUSBAND. My objective to write this page or post is to attract the suitable single man.

Friday, September 2, 2016

"Tailored" Top Grade Items Only for me, i.e. Ms. Wong Hui Shin, a dried Vanilla Fruit: "Plain", "Boring" and "Ugly", a favorite of Rich and Powerful.

I am a simple and ordinary Malaysian with the votes to become the "Miss World" in London after registration. I AM NOT BEAUTIFUL among all my girl/ female friends as I said always, however, I am able to be compatible like them by using a lot of excellent "tailored" Top Grade ITEMS like top grade shampoo, top grade tooth brush, top grade comb, top grade slippers, top grade flats, to grade lipstick, top grade hand bag, top grade dresses, top grade shoes and high heels, top grade trousers, top grade hair decorative items, top grade ear rings and many others. ALL my girl/ female friends NEED NOT top grade items like me because they are NATURALLY BORN BEAUTIFUL with GOOD ETHICAL and MORAL. Are you my girl/ female friend? My GIRL/ FEMALE FRIENDS WILL NOT STEAL or EXCHANGE my TOP GRADE ITEM or ITEMS because they are very understanding as I, Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong am only a simple and ordinary woman as well as a dried Vanilla Fruit: "Plain", "Boring", "Ugly", a favourite of Rich and Powerful who must have the top grade items to perform and work hard or attract my man, i.e. Dato' Justin Leong Ming Loong.


With Top Grade Item like Chanel, you can attract "Chanel" level of people at Marini's On 57 in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Malaysia and Marble 8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you are able to spend money with your credit card(s) at Marini's On 57 and Marble 8, you are VERY RICH. By spending RM 100 and above or RM 1000 and above a meal is considered very rich and luxurious in Malaysia.

VERY RICH women match VERY RICH Men.


You can take GRAB Car Premium to Marini's On 57 and Mable 8, that would be great because you are hardly find a parking space. Download GRAB from Google FLAY or PLAY Store.

Two Type of Scholarship to Oxford University

Two type of scholarship to Oxford University, i.e. 1) Merit Scholarship, and 2) Poverty Scholarship. Oxford graduate with scholarship is world known!  These two type of scholarship are world known.  Poverty Scholarship only apply to developing countries and Chinese.  


As a small investor in Genting Berhad for example years back. Your percentage of shares will become smaller and smaller due to no profit yearly. Thus, your shares or investment will be converted to cash to pay all the salary for staff in the company. Further explanation would be 1% for example from each share holder to cash out to pay salary or further expansion. No more shares from you or you are out if you can not top out the money anymore for further expansion and development. Do to agree?

Let's argue!

If you are a small investor by buying a lot of Genting Berhad share at Bursa Malaysia many years ago, the share price will drop dramatically if no profit yearly. Eventually, you are losing all your money if the share, Genting Berhad is not performing or losing money yearly. If you are claiming that you are a share holder of Genting Berhad, then, show the registered documents from Bursa Malaysia with a registered remisier or agent else you are a BIG CHEATER or LIER to public to gain TRUST.

If you have 50% shares in Genting Berhad, you will have the documents from Bursa Malaysia with a registered remisier or agent else, you are CHEAT and LIE to gain public TRUST.

To all my friends, report to POLICE if one is claimed that he is the share holder or investor in a company else, NO NO NO Trust to him. Even though they have the documents, you also need his payment to let you check in Bursa Malaysia about his company background and allocated shares. Bursa Malaysia will advise you according on how to check. Prepare RM 300,000, ask him to pay if he said he is an investor of Genting Berhad else, NEED NOT to TRUST HIM. He is only a CHEATER or LIER to gain PUBLIC TRUST to kill innocent or asking you to do FREE JOB for him.

Are you a free labor? If YES, I have plenty of JOB for you.  Just let me know your skill.

Why should he pay RM 300,000 for you to check?  The reason is your TRUST and your NETWORK can change the world.  This is why, it is so expensive.  When a lier or a cheater come to you, you are a useful, valuable and capable person.  If you are trusting his CHEAT and LIE, you are only indicating the manipulation of EVIL like him on you.  If you are a Christian or any other religion believer, pray to the GOD to say that you are CHEATED and TRUSTED wrong person because you are still learning on HOW to TRUST ONE.  If you are not able to, PRAY daily and wait for GOD's direction.  Perhaps need not to TRUST him to solve your problem.

Do you have a problem?  Just share to me.  I might be able to answer your questions and problem.