Friday, June 24, 2016

The conversation of Law Professors

I am a regular invited guest to attend meetings or discussion with groups of Law Professors in London, United Kingdom. Current USA President, Barrack Obama is a Professor in Law too. We are the one who discuss and change the Law for a better world for human beings. I am a nobody and I always categorize myself as a simple woman, however, I am categorized as a "Billionaire", i.e. "Rich and Powerful" in London. Below was our conversation. Law Professor A: Hui-Shin Wong, the ways how you express yourself are very unique and the originality of your ideas worth billion of dollars. Thus, you are categorized as a "Billionaire". Your humorous ways to address an issue are spacious. Your words give people a lot of space to think and laugh. You never tell a joke while people are laughing mainly communicating with you. Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong: Thank you, Professor! Can you give some examples on my originality ideas which worth billion dollars? Law Professor B: Your photography skills. Look at your photos, you have captured the best angles and the best scenes. All these are original and unique. Law Professor C: All your topics which you have planned and talked in Promuda Toastmasters Club in Malaysia. All these are original and unique. At that time, we already spotted you. Law Professor D: The ways how you write are original and unique. Let's see what you have written in your blog, "". We are not talking about your content at this moment. Your content are fabulous. Let's look at the introduction of yourself and your blog, "Malaysian Footprint". "Malaysian Footprint 大马人足迹 This is a blog initiated by a simple Malaysian, Hui-Shin Wong who loves to travel and reads for leisure. She would like to share the information to the people around her mainly for a better place to live. Her writing style ensures you read with joy; a bit classy, a bit didactic, a bit exaggerated, a bit funny and a bit hilarious. It is just her style in love with 'zero' and 'one' in consequence of a Techno-Educationist by education and training." "Hui-Shin Wong is a simple Malaysian who reads a lot and travels the world. Through her stories, she aims to change the world for a better place to live. She hopes her readers evolve their mindset to a globally thinker and not only following others without thinking. "See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow (S.T.E.F.)!” Also, she would like to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, the intelligence and the ordinary, the masters and the slaves, the local graduates and the oversea graduates, the easterners and the westerners, the IT-savvy and non-IT savvy individuals. 一个简单的大马人,黄慧欣读了万卷与及环游世界一圈,目的是要通过她的故事来改变现在的问题社会,创造一个更美好的生活世界。,她希望她的读者能成为一个全球性的思想家,而不是一个没有自己思想的追随者。 “观看,思考,启迪,然后,按照(S.T.E.F.)!此外,她想弥合穷人与富翁,智力高的人与普通的人,主人与奴隶, 留学生与本地毕业生, 东方人与西方人,资讯人群与非资讯人群的思想差距。" All these words worth billion dollars. Law Professor E: The ways how you in love with 'zero' and 'one' are so unique and original. Your first motorbike registration number: the addition of all those numbers is 100. Your first car registration number: the addition of all those numbers is 10. The combination of the numbers of your condominium is 'zero' and 'one' too. Law Professor D: Your ways how you express yourself and what you want to do for the world in bridging the gap are so unique and original. Wong Hui Shin and Hui-Shin Wong: Thank you, Professors! It is just the results of an ENTJ woman like me who loves to read and travel the world. This is just the results of I am spending averagely MYD 500 per month to read and every book or article which I read, I will seek for clarification which involving my researching skill. You know that I will not believe and trust an article or book 100%, I will always give myself some space to think and find out the truth and how should I improve the books' contents and what would be the best conclusion or summary for the books or articles. When I was a child, perhaps only 5 years old or younger, my father already a subscriber for "Reader Digest", various version of newspapers and many business magazines. I read all these since I was a child and I would say "Reader Digest" is my childhood buddy. I know about business through reading when I was a child too. Of course, I am glad that I am born in such an environment with a great father. I can still remember the first Motorola mobile phone which my father owned. And, my father gave me my first mobile phone in my life in year 1998, i.e. a Philips mobile phone. In my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen", I have mentioned that one is poor might not be forever poor while one is rich might not be forever rich. Thus, all the world citizens must give a fair judgement and a fair treatment to The Rich and The Poor and many other categories of people in my blog introduction, "The Intelligence and The Ordinary, The Masters and The Slaves, The Local Graduates and The Oversea Graduates, the Easterners and The Westerners, The IT-savvy and The non-IT savvy individuals". Don't be jealous and do so many funny things to harm the Rich! If you are doing such funny thing to harm the rich, then, you are categorized as "Poorest" in the society or the world even though you have money in your bank account. Please work hard and practice, "See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow (S.T.E.F)" to become Rich! Law Professors: Well said! Dato' Wong Hui Shin. Your book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" is a bible for all the world citizens. Everyone must have at least one copy. Thus, we are saying that you are a billionaire. Not much, it is definitely less than 7.4 billion USD because we have 7.4 billion human beings in this world to date. Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong: Thank you, Professors! I hope that my first book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" can sell. Law Professor A: Hui-Shin Wong, you are not a perfectionist yet. However, we may see your potential to become a perfectionist. Welcome to the group! Work hard and train yourself to become a perfectionist! Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong: Yes, I will work hard to become a perfectionist. With all your supports, I am sure that I can do it. Thank you, Professors!

Law Professor B: Hui-Shin Wong, one key thing also in you is that you will not judge one is bad even though he/ she breaks the Law. When you know one is passing through a red light, you will think about he/ she might need a toilet immediately or he/ she might need to rush to the hospital because he/ she is injured. You never look at the the surface while you are looking at the long term and the final goals for a better community and the world. When you know one is corrupted, you must find out the reason why he/ she is corrupted. You never object Gambling or Gaming while you are looking at that is a game for leisure or to fill the free time. And, also, you are looking at the influencing and consequences of Gambling and Gaming in the economic perspective. You will relate Gambling and Gaming to provide more job opportunities to the community and the world. Well done! The ways how you think are really excellent especially you are born and grow in Malaysia.

Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong: Thank you, Professor B! This is what I have in mind all the time, "There is no absolutely right or wrong for every situation and any information. It is always a grey area because are human beings. This is the knowledge about Ethics, Professionalism, Economics, Politics and Law".

Professor C: Well said!

Wong Hui Shin or Hui-Shin Wong: Thank you! I just want to do my part since GOD is giving me so much of talents and the ability for a better world to live. I always think that it is my responsibility to create a better environment for all mankind. Some words for the public: 1. My father is just a farmer in Malaysia and my 5-siblings and I have the world class education. We only have a decent life in Malaysia. If you think that Malaysia can give you and your children a very positive environment to grow, welcome to Malaysia! I love Malaysia very much. Of course, United Kingdom and United States are my home too. As Christian Morganstern said, "Home is not where you live where they understand you". 2. A lot of public libraries and book stores in Malaysia or any countries. Don't blame your parents if they can not give you extra money for reading materials. It is time for you to use "" to search for the nearest library and bookstore for free reading materials. You may read a lot of free reading materials online too. As Bill Gates said, "If you are born poor, it is not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it's your mistake". We have discussed how to become rich and powerful, let's start reading! Let's practice "See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow"! All the best! 3. Buy at least one of my books, "Sunshine Little Kitchen". I am sure I can change your life after you read my book. Thank you for your support! 4. "I am a slow walker, but, I never walk back." ~ Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of United States. Slow is not an issue. You can walk step-by-step and eventually you can walk to the destination. If you can't run a 42-KM marathon, why not you walk step-by-step toward the finishing line? Is becoming "The Number 1" in a competition important? I would think that the participation and the process are much more precious than becoming "The Number 1", i.e. The Champion. No need to stress yourself to become "The Number One". Of course, I am "The Number 1" in various categories since I was a child until now, however, I do not feel extra-ordinary among all my working teams mainly because there are many "Number 1" in the world with various categories and I am still learning from you all. You might not good in your academic result or you might have the problem to write or speak the perfect English, however, the way how you play computer games is the "Number 1" among all your family members. Perhaps one day, you can design your own computer games and sell billion dollars because no one is better than you in Computer Games within your family at this moment.
6. If I have more words to tell you all, I will let you know.

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