Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Sunshine Little Kitchen" English Grammar Rectification Token

These token of appreciation are awarded to those readers who are able to point out the distinct English Grammar Rectification of "Sunshine Little Kitchen" through my personal email, with a subject title: "Sunshine Little Kitchen" English Grammar Rectification Token.  Each token is a value of USD 20.  The distributed fund would come from the net profit of the book sales worldwide.

Kindly include your legal name and PayPal account or the method which you would like to receive the token of appreciation.

The objectives of "Sunshine Little Kitchen" English Grammar Rectification Token" are listed below:  

  • To encourage those who are low in English proficiency will continuously to improve and learn English in an innovative way.  Jack Ma from is a role model for all in Entrepreneurship and English learning.
  • To identify smart readers, potential writers or authors among youth worldwide.
  • To cultivate the culture of voicing out comments and errors for improvement/ rectification among individuals to form a better quality community and the world through peer-to-peer learning activities.  Firstly, an agreement must be signed electronically to show your feeling of happiness and openness to accept critics or comments.  Of course, I accept the fact that some people will feel annoyed when people point out and rectify their mistake(s).  In my circle of friends and networks, no one is within this category.  Stay tune for the electronic signed agreement!
Meanwhile, you may just email me about your participation.  Welcome!            

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