Friday, April 8, 2016

Caller ID Faker Android Apps from Mathrawk, LLC.

Today, I received a call at 6.00 p.m. (Time in Malaysia GMT+8) and the caller ID was +2105154439.  She introduced herself as a collaborating partner of RISE Hong Kong 2016.  She checked about my attendance in RISE Hong Kong 2016 (31st May - 2nd June).  I told her that I am going to attend the event under "Women in Tech" category and I will have two more working partners are going to attend the event with me.  The name of the working partners are not finalized yet due to some resources allocation and logistic issues.  The time when she called me, I was in a meeting.  She had some information and services introduction offered by her company.  She would like to share with me.  Due to the meeting etiquette, I requested her to call me back after 3 hours.  Also, I hoped that she will send those information and services introduction to my email before she calls me.  She verified my email addresses.  I told her to send to both of my registered emails.

It is 9.55 p.m. now.  I am waiting for her phone call. I will give her another 5 mins.  I checked my mail boxes before 9.00 p.m..  No incoming emails about the information and services introduction related to RISE Hong Kong 2016.  After that I checked her Caller ID identity from a website (  It indicated unknown Caller ID and without any information about the calling country.

Due to curiosity, I did a search with "Caller ID".  And the Google Suggest indicated "Caller ID Faker".  When click search for these keywords, it showed me an interesting Caller ID Faker Android Apps from Mathrawk, LLC.  It has 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 installs to date.  I wondered about some legal issues about this Mobile Apps.  Anyway, you may try it.  And, it is amazing.  You only need 3 steps to complete a call with a Fake Caller ID.  Firstly, enter the phone number you are calling.  Secondly, enter the Caller ID you want them to see, i,e. the self created Fake Caller ID.  Thirdly, call without revealing your phone number.  You may call and talk to your secret admirer without revealing your number to cover your embarrassment and shy behavior. Just my 2 cents.                

You may download this Android Mobile Apps from the URL below.

Enjoy your time and the service before any unexpected legal actions incurred to the Apps.  Well, I am not a big fan about this creation because I believe and trust the important of showing the real Caller ID.  While I am sharing this mainly to praise the creator's creativity creation cum innovation idea.  Good try!       

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