Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jobs Availability in SoLemMi Sdn Bhd

Wong Hui Shin's company (www.Solemmi.com) is a market place to help the Virtual Tour operators to sell virtual tours online to public who can't go travel to see the world virtually with my Virtual Places Market Place Online Portal. I need business partners. I need to hire the following people: 1. Copyright negotiators - To negotiate documentary copy rights and put them online in our portal. 2. Commission Auditor(CA) - Basically, he/ she monitors the commission calculation for the virtual tour operators. Any public may apply as a Virtual Tour Operators after they went through a course online. 3. Virtual Tour Evaluate Agents (VTEA) - To access the content of the virtual tour to ensure that they will not have any sex/porns, sensitive religions and politics issues related content. 4. Virtual Tour Operators (VTO) Recruiters - Find all possible ways to recruit Virtual Tour Operators. Some may be schools frequent visitors to recruit VTO. I wish that I can start a business in a few weeks time. Kindly email me hswong@solemmi.com or huishin2020@gmail.com

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