Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Apply now!

The company (SoLemMi)'s operation needs a delay because I need to complete my Ph.D. and story books writing.  

"We will help those who are poor, those who are lack off a bit intelligence and those who are lack of a bit luck to become a better person.  Let's join us in to work for a better tomorrow and a better world.  Please apply now, a position in at "", Super Team 

A BETTER PERSON is a man or a woman who well verse or know well in transportation, ethics, morals, politics, economy, education, food, good living environment, at least a presentable costume and sport wear, a presentable type of art or music practices, working etiquette, relationships (family, friendship, husband-wife relationship) etiquette, health maintenance and leisure knowledge.       

SoLemMi SUPER TEAM will ensure you to work in with joy, a bit money, a bit luxurious and a bit classy in your daily life for a better self, family, community, country and the WORLD.  Join us in  Apply now at  


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