Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What is poorest?

We knew what is rich people, now, I need to define what is poorest.  Poorest is the most poor people.  These people have certain characters.

1.  Poorest people will jealous on others on what others have but, never work hard and work professionally to achieve it.

2.  Poorest people will do a lot of funny things to make other people look bad, go sick and stay still in a location with no motions.

3.  Poorest people will change or exchange others people's stuff, goods, food which including water to dirty, not clean, has some substances or toxic.  These people are the poorest people in the world.

4.  Poorest people will not admit his/ her fault and say sorry.  She/ He will move all her/ his faults to other people and shout loud that he/ she is not wrong.

5.  Poorest people will not salute and say congratulations to the winners.  Poorest people will find all ways to kill the winners and those people who are smarter than them.  

6.  Poorest people will come near some people when they know that these some people are rich.  Poorest people will try all her/his way to come near to rich people.

7.  Poorest people are those who never pay rental to use others people's house keys and go in to others people's house to do something funny.   Search others people's stuff.  Cut and exchange other people's stuff.  Cut can be very small, these poorest people use finger nail to cut.

China, are you poor?

Malaysia, are you poor?

Chinese, are you poorest?

No one will like poorest people.  Poorest people must die.

We are the world.  Rich people are the world.

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