Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Final Criterias add on: Are you my soul mate?

1.  I want my man to keep me in priority list.
2.  He will like me to call him and talk to him even though we do not have much thing to talk.
3.  He must continuously pursuing me because he loves me.
4.  He must be able and capable enough to solve all my problems.  If money can solve a problem, I would think that the person is not a problem at all.  Let me give you some examples.  i)You will find a girl who never shave.  Then, the boy friend will provide him a shaver and help him to shave.  ii)  You will find her is always without make-up, the boy friend will bring her shopping to buy her a make-up set and enroll her to make-up classes.  iii)  You will find her hairs always messy.  The boy friend will get her a hair stylist to reset her hair style and use some hair spas to get the hair lifely again.  All these are all money.  If you find a girl did not do much on herself, will you consider to do what I just suggested?  Are you a good boy friend?          

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