Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Criterias Add-On. Are you my soul mate?

In Tuesday, November 25, 2008, I posted my expectation criteria of my man (http://malaysianfootprint.blogspot.com/2008/11/are-you-my-soul-mate-i-am-looking-for.html).  Later, I added a few criterias after years of dating men.  I write them down now.

My man criterias add on:

1.  He will give me the sense of security.  In terms of personal security (clean food includes water, clean environment, clean cloths, clean people and clean......), financial security enough (He is wealthy (rich enough to have me in comfortable and safe life) if he does not want me to work) and emotional security (He is sane and rational).

2.  He will give me the sense of belonging.  It means I can shout out that he is mine and I can feel that he is mine because he really want me.  And, he shout out loud that I am his wife.

3.  He loves me the most.  He might have many ex-girl friends or ex-wife, but, he must love me the most.  Or, he might like so many girls but, he must love me the most.

4.  I bring him the most joys.  He feel joyful on what ever I decide, I do, I plan, I write or ........  He will feel joyful on my expression, my words, my favorites, my hobbies, my ......

5.  He must love me conditionless and he must understand that everything (sickness, obesity, intelligent, energy level, talents) which can be fully recovered or being improved using time, nutrients and money are absolutely all right with no complaints .He must deal with sickness, obesity, intelligent lack-off, no energy, lack of talents with no frustration and no anger.  He must believe that GOD will help me to recover my sickness, obesity, intelligent lack-off, no energy and lack of talents.

When I am fat, he accepts that I am fat.  He will allow me to slim down throughout time and become more healthy again.  When I am thin, he accepts that I am thin.  He must believe that one only need a very small amount of food to sustain good health.  When I am slow or lost, it could be the some pollutants in my brain.  I only need detoxification, so that I can be smart again.  It is only brain nutrition and personality shaping matter.  Only need to justify with GOD, what should do next.  If it is dealing with jealousy issues, then, just forget it.  It is not worth to work on me to ease others jealousy.  GOD just need to let me know what they are jealous on, I will deal with it.  I just create some stories dedicated to these jealousy groups then, it should be fine.  I will tell the story to them, enough convincing.

6.  Evil, please go away from me.  It was my mistake because I believe all are good in nature.  Later, I found out that some people are evil.  They purposely to do bad things.  Evil, please go away from me.      

If you are my man, please contact me, huishin2020@gmail.com with an email subject title:  "I am your soul mate" or +6013-390 1399 or +6012-298 2298.

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