Monday, November 25, 2013


Well, I am a lecturer.  A small portion of my time is teaching.  Let's say 6-12 hours a week.  Besides, I need to write papers, journals and publish books.  Most of my time, I will do research.  There are many methodology to do research such as observing, experimenting, data collecting, ......  Give you some examples.  I) When I do research in Human Behaviour in a particular age group or profession, I will need to mix with these group of people and understand them in certain perspective in solving some problems.  I will observe their behavior and the ways they react to the situations.  I might do some experiments on what data I have collected on other age group and profession and let's see what will happen.  Sometimes, I need to do revision for certain subjects to master some skills.  I might use different or many methods to achieve more goals at one time.  For example, when I was a short-term student in United Kingdom, I trained myself to run a Marathon (42km) by walking and squatting to 1000 households at Paddington Borough in five hours for posters distribution.  I distributed the posters for weeks in different location to train for a Marathon.  No. 1, I could train my Marathon.  No. 2, I could promote a company to the public.  I was never have time to run for practicing.  By walking rows and rows of streets, eventually, I make it in 6.5 hours for my 1st Marathon in my life and an almost 6-hour second Marathon in my life in the next year.  I am done with the Marathons in my life by achieving one qualified run.  In a lot of times, I will visit exhibitions and industry vendors, attend meetings, luncheons, dinners, conferences, seminars and balls.  I also need to attend students' activities as a club adviser.  Also, I will need to attend go-to-market training to commercialize my research output.  Lecturer job is interesting!          

"Sunshine Little Kitchen" is a book written for months after the data collection in 10 years.  It was when I was angry, I wrote a portion.  When I was happy, I wrote a portion.  When I was in the most powerful period, I wrote a portion.  When I was sad, I wrote a portion.  When I was too rational, I wrote a portion.  When I was sentimental, I wrote a portion.  "Sunshine Little Kitchen" is mainly my work which is breaking down into a few writing phases in different type of human mood a.k.a Wong Hui Shin's mood.  I received a reader comment which said that "Sunshine Little Kitchen" is a piece of work from many authors.  I would clarify that it was mainly my work which was written in many "mood" phases.         

I am working on my second writing project, "Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century."  Watch up my previous screen pages!  Amore will see you soon!

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dear Ms.Wong! I do think you are really very special and am glad to have got the opportunity to meet you.