Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The conversation with God: Clean in Everything

"I am God.  I wish to grant you a wish, Ms. Wong Hui Shin,"  God said.

"I want clean in everything." Ms. Wong Hui Shin said.

Ms. Wong Hui Shin continued, "Clean in everything.  Clean relationship!  Clean love!  Clean Environment! Environment includes air.  Clean political situation!  Clean Food!  Food includes water.  Clean appearance for everyone and everything.  Clean in manufacturing.  Clean processes. Clean design.  Clean art.  Clean Performance.  Clean animals.  Clean birds.  Clean sign boards.  Clean ......"

I am Ms. Wong Hui Shin.

What is clean?  Clean has a wide definition.  A few group of research teams should be setting up to evaluate and measure what is clean in various perspectives.

A few group of clean rescue must be there.  Clean rescue is to ensure that dirty things turn clean.     

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