Sunday, December 23, 2012

"A Letter to Sir James Murray"

"A Letter to Sir James Murray" is a book illustrates the research output of an ordinary lecturer, Ms. Wong Hui Shin who has spent her life to understand  a few collection of voices from low values individuals.  These low values individuals are frustrated and angry about some words in Oxford Dictionary.  A list of riots happened.  A revolution of new era definitions of some words are defined.  Who are these low values individuals?  What were their words?  Why are these people frustrated and angry after learning some new words?  The social impacts and the perspective of low values individuals should be corrected.  Helps are needed.  A new charity organization is formed.  Ms. Wong Hui Shin!  She is the founder.  What is the charity organization?

Be patient!  A new book about this charity organization is coming.

Book Author:  Ms. Wong Hui Shin/ Hui-Shin Wong

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