Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Sunshine Little Kitchen" is available in Public and Private Libraries

You may borrow a copy of my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" in any Public and Private Library in United States of America and United Kingdom. If you can not find one at this moment, please request a Book Requisition Form from the Library Administration Office. Fill in following details about my book. 

Book Name: Sunshine Little Kitchen
Author: Hui-Shin Wong or Wong Hui Shin
Published: 6/20/2012
Format: Perfect Bound Soft Cover
Pages: 168
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 978-1-46788-964-3
Publisher: Author House

The libraries may need 30-60 days to purchase the book(s), process them and place them on the library shelves.

Be patient! "Sunshine Little Kitchen"!

Some working groups are working on the library purchasing in Australia, New Zealand and other countries. You may fill in the Book Requisition Form in any library in your country, so that the library administrative will contact the publisher.

Thank you.

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