Saturday, June 30, 2012


Responsible is a very important value for every individual to flourish in a domain knowledge.  It is also an important value for a relationship.  Two ways communication is always the coolest.  Without a 2 ways communication, i.e. without asking questions and verifying questions and answers session, a communication will not be established.

You can always take the attention of a communication by saying, "Hey!  I need your attention.  Can I ask you some questions?"  If the person still not listening.  You may shout another time, "Hey!  I really need your attention, can you listen to me?"

Communication break down mainly an individual is ego, not responsible and trying to escape from a responsibility.  A lot of times, a communication breaks down due to one party is not willing to talk.

When you know that one party is not willing to communicate, then, you would generally make a conclusion that he is trying to escape from his responsibility or he is really busy.

When you are really busy, please inform the other party that you are busy and set a day for the discussion always to eliminate the any miscommunication happened.

In fact, there is no such word of miscommunication in the dictionary, it is only the way of people thinking is far different from one and another.  Thus, it is always effective to have communication.

"Sunshine Little Kitchen", my first book illustrates the causes and solution of miscommunication with many traveling journey.        

I hate people who are not responsible after he did something.  According to Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary, responsible means legally and morally obliged , example to take care of somebody or something or to carry out a duty and liable to be blamed if one fails.

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