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What is the post-mortem of "Sunshine Little Kitchen"?

It is an interview session to find out what God has led the Malaysian Footprint blog creator and "Sunshine Little Kitchen" author, Ms. Wong Hui Shin to work for a better community and a better world.

Q:  Congratulations!  Your first book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" is on sales on and  I know that you spend more than 10 years to make it happen.  What do you feel?  

Hui-Shin:  I am really glad to land on my first step of my dream.  It was a lot of efforts, persistency, continuously support from various parties.  I am really happy about my book although I have spent some unexpected money.  You may know more about my book "Sunshine Little Kitchen" from my facebook page, 

Q:  What is your dream?  

Hui-Shin:  I have numerous of dreams.  My dreams are big.  I am going to illustrate one of my dreams related to "Sunshine Little Kitchen".  It is a community service, charity portal or something to give back to the society.  I am working on it since year 2000.  I would illustrate how would I make my dream a reality step-by-step.

Q:  Tell us more.  

Hui-Shin:  First, I would expect to gather fund from the sales of the "Sunshine Little Kitchen" International Edition to publish the "Sunshine Little Kitchen" Asia Edition (Chinese and English version).  The idea is to have Asia Edition because the International Edition is far expensive than what the majority Asian readers' expectation.  I would want all Asian to get a copy as the bible to alert them that some people are just having an ugly heart, ego and jealous.  They just like to take advantages of others.  The bible, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" is a contact point for those who have a dream or any problems to voice up their words through my email address.  The response of the email address would be able to advise them accordingly, so that they can solve their problems and walk near to their dreams.  

Q:  Why is it the response of the email address?  Are you saying that you will not reply the emails personally?    

Hui-Shin:  I will invite a group of panels who are eligible to go through these problems and dreams.  I will forward the email to the panels, so that the response of the incoming emails will be a collection of fair views and not personal responses.  The idea is to encourage all people in developing countries particularly those people from rural areas to start dreaming.  Also, it is a portal for these people to voice up their problems.  All incoming emails and responses are confidential, but, we would like to request for permission to publish their dreams and their problems in Malaysian Footprint Magazine to work as an educational program/ material.

Q:  Malaysian Footprint Magazine?  Can you illustrate more?  

Hui-Shin:  Malaysian Footprint ( is a blog which is started in January 2008.  My initiate plan was to make it as a communication portal with all my friends in Malaysia and overseas because I was always busy and one can hardly talk to me without a prior appointment.  Thus, I would like to write them into words, so that my friends would read my feelings and thinking, later, they can query and verify my feelings and thinking through emails, SMSs or phone calls.  Later and sooner, the Malaysian Footprint blog acts as a reading portal to the public, so that the stories illustration evolves readers' mindset to a globally thinker and not only a person who would like to follow others without thinking.  My research related to communication and miscommunication leads to one of the sentences: "See Think, Enlighten, then Follow (S.T.E.F.)".  The blog is also my objective to bridge the gap between poor and the rich, the intelligence and the ordinary, the masters and the slaves, the local graduates and the overseas graduates, the easterners and the westerners, the IT-savvy and non-IT savvy individuals.  I hope to extend my blog to a Monthly Magazine, i.e. Malaysian Footprint Magazine.  I would like to gather my Magazine start-up fund from 30% of the sales of my book "Sunshine Little Kitchen". 

Q:  "Sunshine Little Kitchen".  Can you tell us more?  

Hui-Shin:  "Sunshine Little Kitchen (ISBN: 978-1-4678-8964-3)" is a book which illustrates a miscommunication puzzle.  It contains no maps and no treasures, but, a list of words for wisdom from ten short traveling stories.  These ten stories are product of my personal traveling experience in three hundred and sixty five days over ten years around the world.

Q:  "Sunshine Little Kitchen" also sounds like food.  Do you have something to say about food?

Hui-Shin:  Yes, it is related to food.  In my book, I have illustrated a list of food from various countries.  I would like to use the 30% of the net sales income from my book to setup a pay as you wish restaurant.  The restaurant will serve buffet style and A La-Carte style.  All the food mentioned in my book will be listed in the menu of my restaurants.  It comprises Thai food, Japanese food, Korean food, Western food, Mediterranean food and Malaysian food.  

Q:  Pay as you wish?  Do you plan to make a lost for your restaurant?  

Hui-Shin:  Well, I would say it is a charity related restaurant chain.  My customers can pay RM 1, RM 10, RM 100 or RM 2000 for a meal in my restaurants.  I do not expect to make a profit.  I just hope that my restaurants have a break-even.  If it is a profitable restaurant chain, I would say all those profit will go to "Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship". 

Q:  Restaurant chain?  Tell us more! 

Hui-Shin:  I would like to start my first "Sunshine Little Kitchen" restaurant in Malaysia.  Later, I would like to expand it to other countries.  I do not have the exact road map for my restaurants' expansion, but, I know that it is a restaurant for all people from different social ranking to have a chance to taste the food from all over the world.  Some people can never have a chance to eat Japanese food.  I would say my restaurants are a way for them to eat the food and at the same time knowing more about the culture from different countries.  The restaurants will have a performance stage.  There will have a specific cultural performance featured in my restaurants every month.  I want those people who visited my restaurants to experience the ambiance like of being in another country with the performance and the decoration of my restaurants.         

Q:  Can you illustrate further what is "Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship"?  

Hui-Shin:  "Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship" or "Dr. Wong Fellowship" is set up verbally in year 2000 and online in year 2007.  It is an imitated version of Thomas J.Watson Foundation Fellowship for non-Americans.  I am the first recipient of "Dr. Wong Fellowship".  I set up the fellowship and I grant it for myself.  It is a fellowship set up to encourage the recipient(s) to travel inside and outside his/ her own country in a year duration to enhance his/ her capability to be more open, resourceful and humane.  The 30% of the net sales income from my book "Sunshine Little Kitchen" will go to "Dr. Wong Foundation Fellowship".  Each of the fellowship award worth RM 13,999.90.  It can be a minimum of one and maximum of five fellowships granted each year to all eligible youth under 21 years old except Americans.  The fellowship will grant all Malaysians for the award(s) for first ten years and slowly, it will open to the citizens in other developing countries, and, later, the citizens in developed countries except Americans.  I will register the "Dr. Wong Foundation" officially once the 30% of my net sales income of my book achieve the minimum amount of a Foundation or a charity organisation set up fund in Malaysia.  

Q:  How about the 10% of your net sales income of your book, Sunshine Little Kitchen?  

Hui-Shin:  I will keep the 10% of the net sales income of my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen" as my personal wealth.  I will hardly become another millionaire like J. K Rowling because all my sales income will go for charity first.         

Q:  I read about all your posts in your blog.  "Are you my soul mate, I am looking for you? (" which posted in November 2008 drew my attention.  I would say you are one in millions.  I want to know more about that.  Are you still single?  

Hui-Shin:  Yes, I am still single.  I would add in 3 criteria of my dream man besides what I have posted in the blog post in November 2008.  1)  He must be able to give me the sense of security.  2) He must able to give me the sense of belonging, and, 3) He must support and admire what I want to do in my life in all ways or either ways; financially, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically.

Q:  I wish that your dream man will approach you soon.  Oh yes, how about your Lamboghini's dream?  

Hui-Shin:  Oh!  It is a secret for myself actually.  I revealed it just recently.  When I was a student in Penang in 1998, I created my first web pages as my college assignment.  It is a group assignment with my university mate, Stella Eng.  I vowed loudly to hope that I will marry a man who will give me a Lamborghini as my birthday present during our marriage.  I never state when I want a Lamborghini while I do not mind to have it in my 60's.  Of course, I wish my husband can flourish in all his undertakings, so that, he can buy me one.  

Q:  Interesting!  You are a fan of Lamborghini.  How about a Ferrari?  

Hui-Shin:  Well, I believe I will have the ability to buy one Ferrari for myself.  I do not know when is the time, but, I believe that I am capable to do so after I have done all the social responsibilities.        

Q:  Thank you, Hui-Shin.  Do you have any words for your readers and anyone in the public?  

Hui-Shin: I wish that my readers will spread their words about what I want to do for a better community and a better world.  I hope that my readers will buy at least a book to support my dreams.  I would encourage and accept government funding, external donation and corporate fund to start and maintain Sunshine Little Kitchen restaurants, Malaysian Footprint magazine and Dr. Wong Foundation and its Fellowship.  I would encourage those talents (writers, journalists, people in Service Industry, Food and Beverage Industry and Stage and Art performance industry) who plan to work with me to send me their resume, so that we can work together for a better community and better world.      

Q:  I am sure your dreams will come true.  

Hui-Shin:  Thank you.  May you have a wonderful day.      


Responsible is a very important value for every individual to flourish in a domain knowledge.  It is also an important value for a relationship.  Two ways communication is always the coolest.  Without a 2 ways communication, i.e. without asking questions and verifying questions and answers session, a communication will not be established.

You can always take the attention of a communication by saying, "Hey!  I need your attention.  Can I ask you some questions?"  If the person still not listening.  You may shout another time, "Hey!  I really need your attention, can you listen to me?"

Communication break down mainly an individual is ego, not responsible and trying to escape from a responsibility.  A lot of times, a communication breaks down due to one party is not willing to talk.

When you know that one party is not willing to communicate, then, you would generally make a conclusion that he is trying to escape from his responsibility or he is really busy.

When you are really busy, please inform the other party that you are busy and set a day for the discussion always to eliminate the any miscommunication happened.

In fact, there is no such word of miscommunication in the dictionary, it is only the way of people thinking is far different from one and another.  Thus, it is always effective to have communication.

"Sunshine Little Kitchen", my first book illustrates the causes and solution of miscommunication with many traveling journey.        

I hate people who are not responsible after he did something.  According to Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary, responsible means legally and morally obliged , example to take care of somebody or something or to carry out a duty and liable to be blamed if one fails.

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My first book publication!

My book, Sunshine Little Kitchen International Edition (ISBN: 978-1-4678-8964-3) is available for sales now. I need your support to buy my book at  Kindly like my page at
. Thank you.