Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Cherry Tree

Kindly check one of the legends and stories of George Washington, "The Cherry Tree." It is a very meaningful stories and I like it very much.

When "the father of his country", George Washington was younger, he accidentally copped his father's favorite tree, the cherry tree. His father was angry when he knew that the tree was copped. He would like to know the mischievous person who has copped his tree.

When he reached home and said with an angry face and angry voice, "George, do you know who has killed my beautiful little cherry tree? "

It was a very hard question. George Washington cried, "I can not tell a lie. Father, you know I can not tell a lie! I did cut your tree with my little hatchet."

The anger died out. His father took George to his arm and he said, "My son, you should not afraid to tell the truth. I am very glad to have you as my son. Your value to tell the truth is better than having 1000 trees. "

"You make a mistake.  I forgive you.  We should forgive everyone who make a mistake and his intention to change to become better."

I am impressed and I always follow the rules of thumb to work for a better world. Somehow, in reality, especially when you have grown up, you have to talk politically and you have to tell white lies to be free from dangers.

Through my experiences, telling the truth will bring risks and disaster for myself because some of the powerful people not happy to listen to the truth. I need to choose either to keep quiet or talk politically.

Let's go through the story. Assuming that it is at these modern days and the situation is not applying to father and son.

Assume that it is a stranger's and another stranger's story.

There are many possibilities.

1) The tree owner kept quiet because he had many things to do. He did not want to find out who has cut the tree. He just forgive and forget.

2) The tree owner asked around, but, no one answered. The one who cut the tree keep quiet.

Do you know the whole situation or scenario, so that you can judge correctly?

If you know something about an individual, will you verify with them?

One is not wrong till he/ she has found guilty in a court session.

Hey people! It is time to improve ourselves. Stop, being a busy body!

You shouldn't not comment anything when a case is not call for hearings.

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