Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rapid KL E1 bus

I was in E1 bus yesterday. Two Rapid KL staffs were on the bus. They asked for the ticket stubs from a middle eastern couple.

I sat beside them. I heard their conversation. They were a newly couple. It was a celebration day for them being together for 1 month. They were heading to KL for their celebration.

There were some arguments between the couple and the Rapid KL staff.

"I used a touch and go and, I paid RM 4 for a ticket for my girl friend. The driver did not give me the ticket stub just now. I paid for the ticket." The boy emphasized his position.

Let's ask the driver.

"I gave him the ticket stub just now," said the driver.

"No! He don't. He did not give me the ticket stub. He is a liar," the boy yelled loudly.

"Boy, can you check your pocket? The driver said he gave you the ticket stub just now."

"No! He did not give me the ticket stub," the boy yelled again.

One of the Rapid KL staffs put his hand into his left pocket. He quickly grabbed a ticket stub.

"Boy! What is this?"

"This is the ticket stub from the morning bus."

"Okay! Let's check the time on the ticket stub. Boy! It is stated here, 4.00 p.m.. What is your time now?"

It was 4.10 p.m.. The boy was embarrassed, and he shouted at the driver,"I want to get down from the bus."

His girl friend shouted at him, "we are finished."

"You may complain if you have something to say," one of the Rapid KL staffs shouted at him.

The boy got down from the bus, and, the girl friend apologized to the driver and the Rapid KL staffs. She remained her position in the bus. She was very calm but, she was angry.

There were a lot of people in the world acted like the boy. He forgot what he did just 10 minutes ago. Therefore, there were some arguments.

The boy was such a poor boy because he paid for the ticket but, he just couldn't proof that he paid for the ticket.

I understood that the Rapid KL staff was not polite. He put his hand to the boy's pocket to grab something. Well, the Rapid KL staff ended the arguments. Will Rapid KL Management will go after the staff when the boy complain about it. This is Ethics.

Should the girl friend forgive his boy friend for such a small mistake? He is a human being, and, we are human beings. Should we forgive the boy? Should we have a wider heart to accept human beings' flaw?

Was that a mistake?

Was the boy intentionally create the havoc? The answer is no.

Are you able to deal with this type of human beings?

How are you going to judge him? Well, life moves on! He might be crying at a corner and felt sad about how stupidity he was.

Is the word 'stupid' a right word to use in this context?

Well, I would say he is only a forgetful person. He might need help and training from Lumocity (

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