Monday, October 19, 2009

Cuisine Studio @ Tropicana

It was a candle light dinner for 10 people from many parts of the world at a Cuisine Studio, Restaurant Leisure Cooking School Gourmet Shop at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. It was a business meeting related to investment. It said strictly no pork!

"They are doing very well! Look at the children. The children are doing better than their parents. Good job, parents!"

"To me, children are a good return of investment (ROI) business. Thus, I never agree those people who choose not to have children. You must have more children if you can afford it because we are good candidates to produce the next generation for a better community."

"Her parent is blue collar, but, it is not her parent's fault to become a blue collar, right? It is unfair to benchmark one's success using one metric scale. They are not poor and, yet, you're not very rich. We can not judge based on our experience."

"Who tell you that the definition of successful is measured by how much one is earning at a period of time?"

"How? I wonder. What is successful?"

"Invest in the share market? I guarantee you are the successful one.  Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad Advisors are ready to serve you."

"Haha! I wonder what is your point. It is just an advertisement for your employer. Hey! Don't forget, I am from United Kingdom. We have many capable investment advisors. Is that sounds good if I headhunt them to work as your associate partners?"

"It sounds great! Besides, we have many foreign investment banks in Malaysia. You may check out the Credit Suisse."

"I have my own account opened in United Kingdom before I landed Malaysia."

"I think you are measuring the success using the risk and time factor. Your meaning of success is to use the shortest time to gain the most money?"

"It is never my cup of tea. Investment means detail research to grab the potential stocks for a better return. It is never the shortest time to gain the most money. It is an applied skill. You know I always like green tea. I like the healthy competition and investment for an organization to grow. Green, clear, calm, healthy and wealth. Welcome to Malaysia! Cheers!"


It was a mixture of wines and sparking juice for 10 people from different background and different religion belief.

"Everyone loves their country very much and, everyone loves to explore to the other part of the world. They migrated for reasons."

"I guess it is related to a Chinese saying,"the moon in Overseas is always bigger than home."

"It is not true. I always believe that home is the best."

"Home is not where you are, it is where you are comfortable with."

"They migrate because they want to study for free."

"They migrated because they found a husband or a wife in Overseas."

"Malaysia become a tourist spot because the migrated Malaysian came back to Malaysia to spend money. They helped Malaysia to grow."

"I just moved from United States to this country. I have a business here. I am here to serve, to contribute and to invest. I see Malaysia is a potential country to grow. It is a wonderful country with wonderful people around."

"I love Malaysian. I wish I can settle down with an understanding Malaysian woman."

The firecrackers lighted up at the sky. It is a Deepavali celebration for Indians. It is a festival of lights.

"Wow! It is gorgeous."

"Gorgeous! It is illegal to have the firecrackers on the sky."

"No! I read from the Newspaper, the government said we can apply for a licence to light the firecrackers in some events."

"Look at that! It is a smoky sky with colorful lights for only a few minutes. Are you sure you like the temporary victory and yet a health hazard for a consequence."

"No firecrackers burning should be allowed! It caused pollution."

"It is so sad that not many people in Malaysia are helping to solve the environmental issues. The political parties are not concerning the environmental issues."

"What's next?"

"People move out from a country for their own reasons. Study, job, better pay, better investment opportunity...... At the same time, many of us from Overseas come to Malaysia because it is a wonderful country."

"The environment needs your help. Are you going to extend your hands to help?"

"Wonderful! We should invest more in renewable energy to save the world; to eliminate pollution."


Malaysian Footprint said...

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Malaysian Footprint said...

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