Monday, October 19, 2009

Cuisine Studio @ Tropicana

It was a candle light dinner for 10 people from many parts of the world at a Cuisine Studio, Restaurant Leisure Cooking School Gourmet Shop at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. It was a business meeting related to investment. It said strictly no pork!

"They are doing very well! Look at the children. The children are doing better than their parents. Good job, parents!"

"To me, children are a good return of investment (ROI) business. Thus, I never agree those people who choose not to have children. You must have more children if you can afford it because we are good candidates to produce the next generation for a better community."

"Her parent is blue collar, but, it is not her parent's fault to become a blue collar, right? It is unfair to benchmark one's success using one metric scale. They are not poor and, yet, you're not very rich. We can not judge based on our experience."

"Who tell you that the definition of successful is measured by how much one is earning at a period of time?"

"How? I wonder. What is successful?"

"Invest in the share market? I guarantee you are the successful one.  Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad Advisors are ready to serve you."

"Haha! I wonder what is your point. It is just an advertisement for your employer. Hey! Don't forget, I am from United Kingdom. We have many capable investment advisors. Is that sounds good if I headhunt them to work as your associate partners?"

"It sounds great! Besides, we have many foreign investment banks in Malaysia. You may check out the Credit Suisse."

"I have my own account opened in United Kingdom before I landed Malaysia."

"I think you are measuring the success using the risk and time factor. Your meaning of success is to use the shortest time to gain the most money?"

"It is never my cup of tea. Investment means detail research to grab the potential stocks for a better return. It is never the shortest time to gain the most money. It is an applied skill. You know I always like green tea. I like the healthy competition and investment for an organization to grow. Green, clear, calm, healthy and wealth. Welcome to Malaysia! Cheers!"


It was a mixture of wines and sparking juice for 10 people from different background and different religion belief.

"Everyone loves their country very much and, everyone loves to explore to the other part of the world. They migrated for reasons."

"I guess it is related to a Chinese saying,"the moon in Overseas is always bigger than home."

"It is not true. I always believe that home is the best."

"Home is not where you are, it is where you are comfortable with."

"They migrate because they want to study for free."

"They migrated because they found a husband or a wife in Overseas."

"Malaysia become a tourist spot because the migrated Malaysian came back to Malaysia to spend money. They helped Malaysia to grow."

"I just moved from United States to this country. I have a business here. I am here to serve, to contribute and to invest. I see Malaysia is a potential country to grow. It is a wonderful country with wonderful people around."

"I love Malaysian. I wish I can settle down with an understanding Malaysian woman."

The firecrackers lighted up at the sky. It is a Deepavali celebration for Indians. It is a festival of lights.

"Wow! It is gorgeous."

"Gorgeous! It is illegal to have the firecrackers on the sky."

"No! I read from the Newspaper, the government said we can apply for a licence to light the firecrackers in some events."

"Look at that! It is a smoky sky with colorful lights for only a few minutes. Are you sure you like the temporary victory and yet a health hazard for a consequence."

"No firecrackers burning should be allowed! It caused pollution."

"It is so sad that not many people in Malaysia are helping to solve the environmental issues. The political parties are not concerning the environmental issues."

"What's next?"

"People move out from a country for their own reasons. Study, job, better pay, better investment opportunity...... At the same time, many of us from Overseas come to Malaysia because it is a wonderful country."

"The environment needs your help. Are you going to extend your hands to help?"

"Wonderful! We should invest more in renewable energy to save the world; to eliminate pollution."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunshine Little Kitchen

This is the outlook of my book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen - 陽光小廚房". This is my first book publication. Those were true stories with replaced names and venue for the incidents to protect their privacy and identity for any security reasons. There are Asia Edition (English and Chinese version) and International Edition (English version only). Please be patient for the launching date! It is my extra efforts and passion to work on a book for 10 years by traveling the world to look for the causes and solution of miscommunication.

Besides, I have many queries in my mind during my growing up process. Due to lack of reliable resources around me, I have to travel around the world to solve the "puzzle"! It can not denied that Internet and Books provide information. However, I am skeptical to believe the knowledge and the information gathered from the Internet and some books. I am very stubborn because I believe my principle of life is correct; those information from some books and Internet are wrong. Thus, I have traveled the world to work on a research for the solution of my queries. Eventually, I found the answers for a better place to live for human beings.

"There is no absolutely right or wrong for every situation and every information. It is always a grey area because we are Human Beings. This is the knowledge about Ethics, Economics, Politics and Law. " - Ms. Wong Hui Shin.

It is an interesting knowledge. I would like to share my findings for a better place to live for everyone in the world.

"My life is a lot of hard work even though I always have a smile on my face and I look extremely good, confidence and prosperous. I was born in a decent and respectful family which needs a lot of hard work for living. My parent and my grandparent are farmers. I used to work in farm under the sun when I was young. It is never a poor, but, yet, only a decent life. Please remember: One is rich today doesn't mean that one is rich in future; One is poor today doesn't mean that one is poor in future. Thus, please stop being funny and do your job. Please be fair to everyone: poor, rich, smart, dumb, capable, ordinary, disable and many other unfortunate people. Please provide a better place to live for everyone." - Ms. Wong Hui Shin.

Also, I urged everyone to learn how to think like a globalist because there were many good people out there. Look at them as an example to work on your dream.

"Never and ever expect one will be the same all time. Everyone is improving to become a better person at every minute. If you saw someone is static and not improving, please provide helps and not criticisms because he/she is suffering. Some are not expressive enough will not be able to tell you what's wrong. Therefore, you must be intelligent enough to spot his/ her problem by giving appropriate helps. Sometimes it is a growing up and learning process, it takes time. You can't help a Padi plant to grow longer by pulling it one inch higher from the soil. The Padi plant will die. You're not helping, but, you kill it instantly by ignorance with a good heart. War might be happened due to miscommunication." - Ms. Wong Hui Shin.

My book comprises 10 stories around the world; Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Egypt, United States of America, India, Sri Lanka, United Arab of Emirate, Qatar, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic and Indonesia. You may find them interesting and hilarious. The most important it shows the hopes for everyone to dream; nothing is impossible.

The 10 stories are listed below:

1. The Golden Triangle
2. Hwaseong Fortress
3. Sapporo Snow Festival
4. The President of Maldives
5. The Nile River
6. The Great Lake Erie
7. The Alternative of Route 66
8. The Greatest Surprise
9. Valentine's Day
10. Sunshine Little Kitchen

It is expected for sales latest in February 2010! Watch up! I wish you can get the book instantly; now! However, in reality, we have to wait and see.

I need your support! Thank you very much!

Additional note on 11st February 2010: The publication of "Sunshine Little Kitchen" has called for a delay. I will inform you once the book is ready.

这是我的书,“阳光小厨房” 的前景。

这是我第一次出版小说或非小说类项的书本。我写的都是已更换名称,时间和地点的真实故事,以保障故事中的主角的安全,任何隐私和身份为理由。“阳光小厨房” 将会有亚洲版(英文和中文版)和国际版(英文版本)。谢谢你们的耐心等待书本的发售日期!这是我用10年工作的额外努力和热诚,周游世界,俭吃省用,寻找沟通不畅的原因和解决办法而写的故事书。


“因为我们是人,所以,各种情况和每一个信息都是一个灰色领域,没有绝对正确或错误的理论。这是有关于道德伦理,经济,政治和法律的知识。” – 黄慧欣。


“尽管我一直都有微笑,信心和繁荣,我的生活是艰苦的工作。我出生于很体面和尊敬的家庭,我们也需要为生活而努力工作。我的父母和我的祖父母是农民。在我年轻时,我曾经在阳光下的农场工作。我们从来都不是穷人,但是,只有一个体面的生活。请记住:一个富有的今天并不意味着一个富有的未来。一个贫穷的今天并不意味着一个人贫穷的未来。谨请大家提供一个更好居住的地方给穷人,富人,聪明的,愚蠢的,有能力的,普通的。“– 黄慧欣。


“每个人都在每1分钟的改变,成为更好的人。如果你看到一个没有进步的人,请给于帮助而不是批评。如果他们不能告诉你他们的错和问题。你必须聪明的给予他们适当帮助。有时一些问题是一个成长与学习的过程,它需要时间去消化和解决。您不能从土壤中拉植物一英寸高以帮助它生长,它会死去。你不但没有帮助它,而且,你的无知与善良的心杀了一些你要去帮忙的人。战争发生的原因是误传。“– 黄慧欣。






这是2010年2月10日的补充说明:我延迟 “阳光小厨房”的出版。我会通知你们一旦我的书已准备就绪。

Monday, October 5, 2009


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”

—Albert Einstein
(1875-1955), theoretical physicist, philosopher

Friday, October 2, 2009

Personal Quote

"Dare to talk, dare to write, dare to accept critics and dare to make necessary correction to improve!" - Ms. Wong Hui Shin

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What + If = IEEE

If there's one phrase that drives IEEE members, it's "what if."

It's what you find between an idea and the reality of discovery. In fact, IEEE members have helped lead every major technical development of the last 125 years.

That's why when you need to draw on the knowledge of yesterday's pioneers or witness the innovation of tomorrow's dreamers, you'll see how "what if" keeps IEEE members engineering the future - one answer at a time.

Celebrating 125 years of Engineering the Future.

Source: IEEE Communications Magazine - September 2009, Vol. 47, No. 9