Friday, September 25, 2009

The Ending of the Experiments!

I would like to say thank you to everyone involve in my research; Human Communication. It is a hobby and it has nothing to do with my academic progress and career. I started the research since 2003 when I enrolled an MSc Information Technology in Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST). I have done a technical thesis to fulfill an MSc Information Technology graduation requirement in 2005. And, I got a job straight away to work as a lecturer in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia (MMU) with a Masters because Malaysia did not have enough knowledge workers who had a Ph.D. for lecturer positions at that time. I delayed my job reporting date to MMU. I went to United States of America to work on a "puzzle - Human Communication" by getting a job in Pennsylvania.

I wasn't sure what, how, which, when, who and where to start a self-help research due to lack of exposure in non technology related topics. I prayed to God, so that God could enlighten me to complete the puzzle. Even though I am a Buddhist, but, I believe in God. It is interesting to know about my story to study Buddhism as the philosophy of life. Through a series of growing up activities in London, I found the secret of the world with a few assumptions applied. I chose to keep quiet because I enjoyed the Art and the simplification version of learning methodologies for all range of human beings in the world to become a better individual; poor, rich, tall, short, smart, dumb, technology-savvy, non technology savvy ...... I admired those who were intelligent and innovative enough to create the "Art" to solve the social problem which adopted to human beings behavior.

"Good job to the world creator(s)!" said Wong Hui Shin.

According to Oxford Advance Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary, Religion is defined as belief in the existing of God or Gods, who has/ have created the universe and given man a spiritual nature which continues to exist after the death of the body.

According to the definition, Buddhism is not a religion. It is a philosophy of life. It is just like a moral subject. It should be studied by all. My good friend converted to become a Muslim because he felt in love with a Muslim lady and yet, he still attended Buddhism talks. I studied comparative religions because I was curious about religions. I found Islam is a good religion for human beings. I studied Christianity, I found it is a drive for development, innovation and initiative. Buddhism is a way of life and not a religion; it is the culture of the world.

Later, I knew many new era religions in London and yet, I appreciated the root of knowledge of religions.

I would like to apologize for creating many stories to know about the human beings' connection. I did not have any intention to know about human behavior and yet, through my research path, I knew about it.

I went through some research online, I discovered 1) The reasons why human beings reacted as such; 2) The reasons for war and conflicts; 3) The solution for miscommunication; 4) the root causes of miscommunication and 5) The important of spiritual support and team work to do a good job.

It was my honored to know all great people everywhere. I was surprised that all of us were connected in this world. It was very interesting. Thank you for opportunities for me to get to know many famous people in the world. I had met one third of The Evening Standard's "The 1000 - London's Most Influential People 2007" when I was in London.

"Mark Zuckerberg, nice to meet you at South West Train. I am a Malaysian and not a Thai even though I behave gently just like a Thai," said Wong Hui Shin.

An Indian gave me the black book, "The 1000 - London's Most Influential People 2007" at a newspaper store near Kew Garden tube station in September 2007.

"Young lady, this is for you. You will be listed as one of the Influential People in London one day. Work hard and be a good girl!" said an Indian with a friendly voice.

"I want to publish a book. It is called Sunshine Little Kitchen", I said when I worked as a waitress at Sawyer Arm at Paddington to a group of 4 Canadians in year 2007. I was on my travel and work holiday VISA to United Kingdom.

The book publication is not a story. It is a passion of 10 years of traveling to solve a puzzle of miscommunication.

To clear the public confusion about me, I am a single lady with no children and no marriage records. I am sorry for any inconveniences caused. I do not know how to reject admirers nicely. I have created some stories to protect myself. Who know it leads to bad consequences? I did not know people are well connected to each other and the words traveled from Bali, Indonesia to every places in Malaysia till Venice, Italy, London, England and Brooklyn, New York. It is amazing! I am within a great connection to reach the top people. Bravo and excited!

Watch up for my first book - Sunshine Little Kitchen! It is a collection of stories from everywhere in the world when I take the initiative to travel the world to solve a "puzzle". The puzzle is a solution to solve the world social problem.

As a result of limited reliable information/ resources around me and a feeling of no-trust about the information posted on the web pages and the cultural differences to interpret the information, I have traveled the world to look for the meaning of a boy-girl relationship because I never believe a boy-girl relationship must have sex before marriage.

In addition, I am skeptical about contraception before marriage because it causes social problem particularly among those immature teenagers. I rejected a charming, intelligent, rich and powerful man's proposal to become his girl friend because he asked for co-habitation and sex before marriage as a result of how he learned a boy-girl relationship should be working when he studied in Overseas for years. I thought about that for very long time, later, I said, "No"! We remained our friendship until now. He is a very nice guy. He is married now. I was very happy to hear about his marriage. I understood that I was not into him at all.

"See, Think, Enlighten, then Follow" - Ms. Wong Hui Shin

I was very sad when I heard from some young ladies' experience in a boy-girl relationship when I was a volunteer in a counseling team. Those girls told me that the men who have been staying in overseas for years tend to say that sex was a must in a boy-girl relationship. Through an intensive research with my initiative to travel the world for the 'puzzle', I would like to pass an important message to the world; "Only a confirmed relationship contains sex elements." Of course, it is a sad moment when there is something happened. The relationship can't sustain and it leads to a break up and divorced.

Adeline Jens told me about her relationship with her boy friend, "we are sort of married even though we have not gone through the official ceremony yet. I am pretty confirmed that he will be my husband unless there is something happen."

The American recording artist, actress and entrepreneur, Madonna Loius Ciccone is also known as the Queen of Pop gives the wrong influences to her admirers about her private life. Thus, the next generation's mindset should be corrected. The Christian Groups in United States has started the the Silver Ring Thing movement, i.e. the introduction of the purity ring to be worn on the ring finger for the purpose of alerting teenagers about "No Sex before Marriage" in a relationship. Muslims' teaching against "pre-marital sex".

How about those who are not religious? Should you do some campaigns to pass a message to the young generation particularly those protected groups from developing countries and poor countries? They might be confused by the movies and media about the true definition of a boy-girl relationship those days.
Recently, I watched some Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Korean movie series. It had projected what I had been saying for years; "a boy-girl relationship without kissing, intimate activities and sex before marriage. Eventually, it leads to a marriage". Watch "My Wife Is A Gambling Maestro (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)"!

Young people, "See, Think, Enlighten, then follow!" Don't follow blindly.

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