Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to Malaysia!

Selamat Datang! It means "Welcome" in Malay Language. Malay Language is the National Language of Malaysia. You may get a return Malaysia Airline flight ticket from London to Kuala Lumpur at 399* pounds.

To begin with, you may not used to the hot and humid weather in Malaysia. Therefore, I suggest that you stay at the Genting Highland Resorts. There is a budget hotel called First World. The temperature at the hill side is lower. It is cold. It is the Spring/ early Summer in London. Besides, Genting Highlands is an entertainment city. There are some Casinos there. You might have the only reason to stay there, i.e. the weather is cold. It is about an hour coach journey from Genting Highland to Golden Triangle.

You may choose to stay in Hilton Kuala Lumpur or Le Meriden Hotel at KL Sentral. These 2 hotels are the most accessible hotels from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) using KLIA Express or Transit. If you like something near the shopping complex. I suggest that you stay at Mandarin Oriental, Sunway Lagoon Resorts, One World Hotel, Westin Hotel, J W Marriot and Prince Hotel. If you prefer prince or princes feeling's accommodation, kindly contact Palace of Golden Horses.

You may start your journey in a tropical country, i.e. Malaysia. You need to drink a lot of water because you will sweat easily. I only suggest you drink the bottle or mineral water selling in the shop. You may travel with Air Asia or "Discover Malaysia Pass" from Malaysia Airline within Malaysia. Discover Malaysia Pass costs USD 199 and it means 3 domestic flights. You can fly to Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu. You may just use the Monorail and Light Rail Transit (LRT) to travel around Kuala Lumpur.

Also, Malaysia is the Center Hub of Asia. You may travel to other ASIAN countries using budget airline, Air Asia. You may fly to Taiwan, Bali, Indonesia, Beijing, China, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, Japan, Korea and a few cities in Australia.

In Malaysia, first, you can join the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 on 28th June 2009.

Second, you need to hang around Golden Triangle for shopping and good food in Asia. I suggest that you look for "Jalan Alor" for some hawkers food. Yummie! Later, you can hop in to some of the five star hotels' restaurants. You may pay a visit to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. It is the "Silicon Valley" and e-government hub in Malaysia. The "pink" Mosque draws the most of my attention. The architecture of the building is very impressive. It is a research destination for Modern Building Architecture in 20 Century.

Third, you may fly to Miri, Sarawak, cross the border to Brunei for 2-day 3-night tour. After that, you may fly from Miri to Mulu. You may observe the Mulu Caves. There are 4 large caves. And, they are amazing. Remember to check in to Royal Mulu Resort.

Fourth, you may fly to Kuching, Sarawak for Rainforest World Music Festival on 10-12 July 2009. After the festival, you may go to Bako National Park to see wildball and rock statues. Remember to try the Sarawak Traditional Massage in Kuching. Call a Taxi and ask for Tribal Remedy at Chonglin Park.

Fifth, you may spend a few days in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. You may hike the Kinabalu Mountain and do the water rafting. You may check in to Nexus Resort Karambunai. Remember to book early for the hotel, moutain hiking and the water rafting. Later, you can fly to Tawau, take a boat to Sipadan Island for snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

Sixth, you may fly back to Kuala Lumpur. You can rent a car and drive to Penang Island and Singapore. Remember to check-in to Jerejak Resort and Spa in Penang. Next, you may keen to drive from Singapore to the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Remember to do some islands hoping to start at Kuala Terengganu. Some must go islands are Redang Island, Tioman Island, Kapas Island, Perhentian Island, Small and Large Island. You may fly to Langkawi and stay at Four Seasons Resort. Also, you can drive to Teluk Batik, Perak. From there, you can take a Feri to Pangkor Island. You may stay at Pangkor Laut Resort. You may visit Malacca, the historical city. You will observe some evidences from Holland, Portugal, .......

You may consider a night stay at Avalion Village Resort at Port Dickson. If you prefer a French-theme resort, kindly visit Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi.
Before I forget, Europcar has a regional office in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia's National Car, Proton and Perodua series are to let too.

Lastly, you may rest at Kuala Lumpur for a few days before you go back to London. It should be more than a month tour. I hope you enjoy a summer in Malaysia. Try to travel in a group of 4. Solo back-packing and couple traveling are not too bad.

I will be in Malaysia for a couple of weeks. Try to call me. I should be around to show you some interesting restaurants.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Personal Quote

"I always believe there must be reasons behind why people were not behave or acted as such.  I empathy them and I try to help if it is within my capacity. I am curious to know why, but, I would wait for them to tell me instead of asking them." 
—Wong Hui Shin; Lecturer, former Software Development Engineer

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Personal Quote

"I believe Internet is a safe place for human beings to interact, grow and seek for wisdom.  And, it definitely not a place to loss your reputation and attract more risks in life." 
—Wong Hui Shin; Lecturer, former Software Development Engineer

Thursday, May 7, 2009

State of London Debate 2009

I am looking forward to join the crowd.  

I have a lot to tell about my "London Experience"!  

Date: Saturday 9th May, 
Venue: Queen Elizabeth II conference centre, 
Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

Let's go to Kuala Lumpur. I am heading back to Malaysia for the KL Marathon 2009. See you there!

Let's walk or run slowly till the end. I am sure we can make it within 6 hours. It is 42 km! It is a very hot and humid run.