Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport meant a lot to me. It stood for revolution, friendship, humanity, human rights, hopes, a new world and a change to make a difference. It was a fantastic experience. We had discussed Mother Teresa and Barack Obama. We were referring to some new friends whom I had met along my journey to London.

"I do not have thirty Indian Rupees. Can I give you the same value in another currency?" I said.

"No worries, you may take a seat. I hope that you will enjoy your trip to London," said a boy at the waiting area in the airport. Later, he offered me a dinner. I truly appreciated what he did.

"Thank you!" I wished him a truly happy life. He was a friendly and understanding Indian who created a sweet memory for a Malaysian.

I met many Indians in India. However, I would like to highlight one man and one woman to appreciate their contribution to the society. Her father was very proud of her, and his wife would support whatever he did for a better community.

The woman was the only Asian who was working on Children's Rights Legal Aid in Kenya. She ran a law firm in Kenya, was hoping to make a difference for Children in the world. She told me about the eighty enthusiasts cum lawyers who would like to make a difference for children in Africa. They offered free legal services and free court representations for children in need.

She also told me about Barack Obama's home town and his little house. Everyone was very proud especially a black, i.e. Barack Obama got the America Presidentship, and his report to work officially at the Oval Office a reality. It was the beginning of a revolution with a black as the President. I understood what happened and, I tried to help if it were within my capability. I was listening!

I was very glad and happy to meet her because we had common interests to make a difference for children in the world. I had mentioned to her about the Kiwanis International, "serving the children of the world." She was interested. She urged me to start a legal aid for children in Malaysia. I told her that, Malaysia needed a legal aid for women particularly in sexual harassment related issues. I mentioned to her that the BAR Council in Malaysia was very efficient, and the organization aimed for justice and fairness. Her invitation for me to go to Kenya was accepted. I would definitely visit her in Kenya when I had some time buffers since I committed to some important responsibilities this year, i.e. I needed to get an enrollment for a Ph.D. Program in a university. I hoped to visit her this year.

“Woman, good job!”

Yale Law School initiated representing children worldwide programs particularly mentioned about the needs of help from the children in Kenya, which focused on the childcare and protection in year 2005. He was excellent. He had the God's calling to serve the community.

“Man, good job!”

He is an Indian who holds an Italy passport. He has his wife to be with him all the time. They are a very lovely couple. He is related to one of the missionaries of charity which is guided by Mother Teresa, and he has the calling to continue Mother Teresa's good work for the poor, sick, orphaned and dying.

“Hey! My name is Wong Hui Shin. Nice to meet you! I want to join the team when I complete my responsibilities in London and Malaysia. I also want to meet my soul mate. I want to follow my husband for some good work for the society if I have a chance to get into a marriage.”

“Must he be a Christian?”

“I guess it is not a must because I believe all religions play an important role in society, but, he must believe that God creates us, and He arranges everything for us.”

Mother Teresa was international famous in the seventies for humanities and charities. She started her charity work in India. She is an Albanian who has Indian citizenship. I like Mother Teresa's spirit to help the poor. She has created the ripple effects to spread the compassion to those in need. The Qatar Airways staffs were very helpful, and they were willing to provide solutions for their customers. I took a Swiss knife in my hand carry without my knowledge. The knife was advised by the security that I should check-in because it was prohibited in a hand carry. It was fair enough. I called the Qatar Airways staffs, and they managed to get it sorted out.

“Thank you very much, Qatar Airways for a fantastic experience.”

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