Monday, February 16, 2009

14th February 2009 - The Valentine's Day

I was not alone, however, I had a group of single young people, stars and snowdrops around me with a series of planned activities. About 20 of us from Raleigh UK travelled from all over United Kingdom to participate a 3-day 2-night community project at Hanwell Castle, Banburry, Oxfordshire. We worked on a valentine bridge, valentine steps, transplanted snowdrops, kept the garden clean...... It was a lot of hard works, teamwork and a friendship gathering. We pledged to visit this place again with our Mr. Right and Ms. Left when true love showered us.

The journey started with a few emails to confirm the community project and a few calls to set an appointment to wait at Marylebone railway station. We traveled on Friday evening to Banburry. After that, we had dinner at a classy restaurant called The Moon and Six Pence. We slept at Hanwell Village Hall for 2 nights under zero degree Celcius. It was really cold.

On 14th Feb, we woke up for self-prepared breakfast. We had packed lunch after some hard works done. We have ended the work of the day at 4.00p.m.. Later, we proceeded to an English pub, The White Horse for live Six Nations Championship, beers and blackcurrant juice. We went back to the hall for our group ping pong championship and Bolognese spaghetti cooking session at the kitchen. It was a fantastic dinner.

The coming day, we finished our works on the ground, packed and went back by train with sweet memories. Friendship forever!


Hanwell Observatory

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