Monday, October 27, 2008

The puzzle is completed!

I found the answers!

I have a puzzle since year 2000. I have been working on that for about 7 years now.

Eventually, I have completed them. There are clues and I must travel many places in the world to solve the puzzle. Amazing!

And, I need to read a lot about the history, geography and the current affairs for the countries. My head was not able to absorb so much initially, but, eventually, I think I have completed the puzzle. There are some words for wisdom. No treasures and no map!

I will tell you more when I feel comfortable about the puzzle! And, I will write them into books. What is that? I am sure you are curious about my book(s). Be patient!

It is good news because I find the answer for my queries in mind for years.

The answers for the world peace and miscommunication are (1) Each individual must have the critical thinking skill; (2) Each individual must be able to allocate time for at least a quality communication session to solve any conflicts and miscommunication.

And, I met them in Brussels, Belgium last week. And, I got to know more about the answer in Berlin, Germany, Queen Victoria Street, London and a Castle-liked building in United Kingdom. I am excited definitely, but, yet, I have not done a complete research about the knowledge structure and organization. I will definitely share with others when I find enough evidences to show you how it works.

I definitely spend some quality time to understand the mankind creation and it is great!

I have changed my mind for a worldwide expert gathering in Beijing, China from Oct, 25 to Nov, 8 because I am excited to verify my findings.

I can stop traveling for now and start to plan for settle-down roadmap.

Mission is completed!

P/S: The puzzle is a philosophy of life which I believe it will save the world and ensure world peace for a better place to live for mankind.