Monday, August 11, 2008


Malaysia is a developing country. Everyone in the country especially the citizens are trying very hard to become a better person. Many trainings are available and are given to the employees to ensure that their skills are sharpen and they will act professionally as a citizen, an employee, a boss or a lover. By acting professionally in life in all aspects, you would find yourself a happy person. You will not sweat and get frustrated for small stuff.

Professional citizen means an individual who live in a country and he/ she is aware of the law, the damages caused by defamation, the important of being efficient and competent in his/her profession, not involve in any gossips, always seek for black and white before they believe in some rumors, not forwarding "meaningless" emails, no talking bad about peers, leaders and the organization, always give the co-operation to the leaders and authorities, always learn from the best, not jealous on others achievement, however, working harder to seek for improvement, respect oneself and have a positive mindset to work for a better environment for living. Log an official complaint at Public Complaints Bureau ( if you think there are rooms of improvement from the government administrative or anything that you think it is not fair for you.

Professional buyer means an individual will understand his/ her needs and the products or services before he/ she commits to a purchase transaction. He/ She must know his/ her rights as a consumer and always seek for help from the authorities (Consumer Tribunal - for a fair debate if there is any.

Professional seller means a seller who excel in his/ her product knowledge and at the same time, he/she should sell only the top quality products to those who are in need with fair price. He/ she will never do a push sales. And, he/ she will never force people to buy the products.

Professional buyer means a buyer who is genuine to purchase a value for money product.

Professional employee means he/ she works on his/ her jobs allocated by his/ her direct superiors. He/ she understands the Private and Confidential Policies for his/ her job. He/ she should meet the job KPIs. Straightly no jealousy and gossiping among the peers. A professional and fair competition among colleagues should be applied in a company. A harmony working environment and helping each other to improve to become better individuals should be practiced in a company.

Professional Employer means the fair employer who takes the initiative to take care and train the employees by providing competitive remuneration. He/ she awards those who has worked hard for the company. He/ she spends some efforts to bring the employees' relationship closer by having team building program.

Professional Lovers means those who has spent enough time to understand both parties' needs to achieve peaceful and happy situation and eventually, the lovers commit to a marriage to form a happy family. An agreeable time buffer should be allocated to talk, so that both parties can understand how each party interprets a message to achieve common goals and at the same time to eliminate the miscommunicating and misunderstanding situations.

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