Sunday, August 10, 2008

An Optimist with Full of Enthusiasm

Optimists with full of enthusiasm are the most powerful individuals in the world. Previously, I can never understand the reason of a leader would like to use his/ her power to lead a team or a country because I always believe we should respect human right and promote world peace.

Due to the stereotype of a failure will loss trust and will not given a chance from the public, and, also, as a result of too many obstacles or barriers towards a successful path, a human nature has automatically raised his/her ability to use power to fasten or smoothen the journey of a successful project. As long as the consequences and the impacts of a successful project will benefit majority of the people in this world, necessary power is used to eliminate unnecessary barriers and obstacles.

I always think that it is not right to use power to achieve a goal, but, now, I have no choice and I am starting to learn the magic of the power and, I can understand why it is so interesting to have an invention in the world.

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