Monday, July 7, 2008

Wong Hui Shin

It is time for me to update all my friends in Malaysia and Overseas about my life in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Well, I am as busy as usual with dreams and ambitions. However, I am at the stage of not going to push so hard after meeting tonnes of barriers and obstacles, unnecessary rejections, critics and comments.

I am tired and exhausted. I have a plan to rest. I am taking my steps slowly, concentrating on quality breathing and getting myself ready for a quality relationship if there is any.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the silence, non-imaginable, sudden and heart-attack typed of surprises.

My life is going up and down just like a roller coaster. I can't actually see clearly what was happened, it just passed the way like that with some excitement and some scary feelings.

I wonder why Wong Hui Shin is created in this world and what God wants Hui Shin to achieve in life. I am experiencing so much within a very short time.


Malaysian Footprint said...
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Malaysian Footprint said...

I joined the Founder Institute, later, I was the founder of SOLEMMI.COM. After that, the people in Founder Institute suggested that I stop continuing work on SOLEMMI.COM and seek for a job. I am actively looking for a job now.