Saturday, February 23, 2008

Personality Test - To know more about Hui Shin

It is pretty hard for me to describe myself. Therefore, I have gone through some online tests. I would like to share with you about me according to the test results. I will post the test results on and off to this blog. Well, life is interesting! We should do what is right! We shouldn't do what is acceptable!!! I found some difficulties to make a decision for certain matter mainly because majority of the people around me are working on the statement, "we should do what is acceptable!!". I want to make a decision for my actions which is acceptable to the people around me. It is very difficult and I always get into a dilemma. The decision is not what it supposed to be and it might not be the right thing to do; however, as a result of I want to peace everyone around me , I have to take those actions which are acceptable by them. I am so silly!!

Growing up, growing up!! I am a Buddhist and I always follow the Buddha's philosophy and teaching. The buddha taught me to mix with all beings and treat them as my friends. May be his teaching is so deep and I got misinterpreted. If I do what is right, I will lost a lot of friends and in fact, majority will do what is acceptable. Don't you agree with me?

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Malaysian Footprint said...

In November 2015, I have declared that I am a Christian due to the witness of the Power of GOD in Healing. Although I was an active Buddhist since I was born until recently, I have been involving in bible studies and church visits since I am 18 years old. All my family members are very supportive about my believe in GOD. I am so impressed about their supports. I deeply believe that I am a blessed child.